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Shipping Estimates For Apple's iPhone 5s Improve To 3-5 Business Days

Apple's "gift of Christmas future," the iPhone 5s, is now dispatching in three to five business days. The improved shipping estimates are for orders placed through the Apple Online Store, and have so far appeared in multiple countries. Of course, this is great news for folks planning on ordering an iPhone 5s in time for the holidays. Though the handset was originally in short supply following its launch, it seems that the rumored increase in iPhone 5s production has yielded positive results. All three models (16GB, 32GB, and 64GB) in all three colors (space gray, silver, and gold) are shipping in three to five business days in the U.S. Apple Online Store. [caption id="attachment_487492" align="aligncenter" width="642"] The U.S. Apple Online Store.[/caption] Several other countries, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (but not the United Kingdom), are seeing the improved estimates, too. In similar news - and in a rather surprising move - the iPad mini with Retina display (16GB and 32GB Wi-Fi Only models) is actually taking less time to reach customers than its larger, 9.7-inch counterpart, the iPad Air. Originally, analysis had indicated that the second-generation iPad mini would be in extremely short supply following its launch - a much-publicised fear encouraged by none other than Apple's chief executive officer, Tim Cook, who noted recently that Apple could be "unable" to meet demand for the small-size tablet. However, Apple's iPad mini (16GB and 32GB Wi-Fi Only) is shipping in one to three business days, while all other models are shipping in five to 10 days. All iPad Air models, on the other hand, have a shipping estimate of five to seven business days, meaning customers aren't necessarily going to have to wait longer to get hold of a new iPad mini. The shipping estimates quoted all apply to the Apple Online Store only. See also: Paprika Recipe Manager's iOS 7 Update Is Filled With A Lot Of Nice IngredientsApple Retail Stores Get Snowflake Storefront Design In Time For The Holidays, and Apple Now Accepting Water-Damaged iPhones For Its Trade-In Program.
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