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Today’s Apps Gone Free: PicPlayPost, 4 Thrones, Letterverse And More

Create framed collections of your favorite photos and videos with PicPlayPost. We also have a fun and fresh twist on Solitaire, and a word game with another dimension.

All app prices are subject to change at any time and without notice regardless of stated free duration. Price changes are solely under the control of the developers.


Smack That Gugl 2 ($0.99 → Free, 50.4 MB): Gugl is back for revenge in this fast-paced arcade game.

This time around you have to do a lot more than just smack that Gugl. You must also slice, pile, explode, and crush him and his wacky friends. If you make too many mistakes, it's game over. The game includes two modes, three difficulty levels, eight kinds of Gugls, 216 stages, and achievements and leaderboards via Game Center. Smack That Gugl 2 is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 161 ratings.

InFocus Pro ($7.99 → Free, 14.9 MB): Manage entire projects or just simple tasks with this productivity app.

When creating a project you're able to attach tasks and notes, and create multiple subfolders. Projects can be prioritized and color-coded for quick reference. Notes can be written out by hand, and can include images from your library. Tasks can be categorized and searched. The app also includes a calendar view, text-to-voice, and iTunes File Sharing support. InFocus Pro is available for free today only (11/14). It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 344 ratings.

Deep Whois ($1.99 → Free, 4.2 MB): Search public WHOIS databases for hostnames, domains, IDNs, IP addresses, IP networks, and ASNs with this utility app.

It keeps track of your result history for all lookups, and allows you to share it via email. The app works over Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE, and GPRS. Deep Whois is available for free for a limited time. It has a 3.5-star rating with a total of 374 ratings.


SnowJinks ($0.99 → Free, 40.9 MB): Join Jack and Jill as they try to defend their neighborhood from an icy onslaught of snowballs in this cheerful casual game.

Duck, roll, and leap through the snow using swipe controls to avoid the incoming snowballs. Tap on your targets to return fire, and grab coins to spend on all kinds of gear. The game also includes achievements and leaderboards via Game Center. SnowJinks is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4-star rating with a total of 153 ratings.

4 Thrones ($1.99 → Free, 5.2 MB): A fun and fresh twist on the game of Solitaire.

Like Solitaire, 4 Thrones requires you to work through your deck of cards by placing them on elimination piles. Cards can be placed on one of the four elimination piles if their value is higher than the one they’re being stacked upon. The rules take a little bit of turn from there, however. Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Aces have unique exceptions when played based on suits, adding a whole new layer of strategy. The game includes three modes, 10 unlockable themes, a quick tutorial, and achievements and leaderboards via Game Center. 4 Thrones is available for free today only (11/14). It has a 5-star rating with a total of 22 ratings.

iTab ($3.99 → Free, 14.4 MB): A highly customizable productivity app that allows you to organize any and all of the data in your life.

It allows you to create custom index cards that can be jam-packed with endless amounts of text, audio, images, links, ratings, and basically anything else you can think of. Each field can be reordered and edited at any time via an intuitive gesture system. The app also includes the ability to create reports from your data, iCloud support, AirPrint support, and search. iTab is available for free today only (11/14). It has a 3.5-star rating with a total of 54 ratings.

PicPlayPost ($1.99 → Free, 17.8 MB): An app that allows you to combine multiple photos and videos to turn them into one uniquely framed collection.

Choose from six frame ratios and 36 adjustable frame options. Then just start filling them in with your favorite photos and videos. Photos and videos can be moved, resized, rotated, trimmed, and flipped to ensure your subject is front and center. The app also includes the ability to manually adjust frames, a variety of border patterns and colors to choose form, 72 background patterns, eight image filters, seven video filters, and the ability to share your work via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, email, or MMS. PicPlayPost is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 2539 ratings.

Letterverse ($0.99 → Free, 48.0 MB): A word game with another dimension.

Letterverse takes place in a 3-D environment, allowing you to craft words in multiple directions. You must take turns with your opponent building as many words as possible. Every letter added counts as a single point, but you can use your opponent’s letter blocks in your own words to steal their points. Be the first to reach the score limit to win the game. Letterverse includes five locations to play in, undo, letter swaps, the ability to have multiple games going at the same time, and online multiplayer via Game Center. Letterverse is available for free today only (11/14). It has a 5-star rating with a total of 8 ratings.

Hi Guess the Oracle ($0.99 → Free, 22.2 MB): Try to guess the images carved into the stones in this quiz game.

Each puzzle presents you with a close up of an ancient carving. You must try to guess what it is using the letters provided to you. If you're unable to figure it out you can either skip it, remove letters from the pool, fill in letters, or ask your friends on Facebook. Hi Guess the Oracle is available for free for a limited time. It has a 5-star rating with a total of 6 ratings.

Slots Vacation ($5.99 → Free, 51.5 MB): Launch Day Special: Get $6 worth of coins just for spinning the reels on your Slots Vacation today.

Kick back and relax while you spin the reels in search for a huge payout. You’re able to play a wide variety of authentic Las Vegas five-reel slot machines that feature 30 total pay lines. Activate powerful boosts to change the reel faces and win massive jackpots. Slots Vacation is loaded with bonus games, free spins, and daily treasure chests, substantially adding to your chances to win. The game also includes a leveling system, 15 exotic locations, and Facebook integration. Slots Vacation is available for free today only (11/14). It has a 5-star rating with a total of 22 ratings.

Flipside camera ($0.99 → Free, 8.2 MB): Add another perspective to your photos with this camera app.

It allows you to take photos with both front and back cameras on your iDevice and combine them to create a single image. Just align your first shot in the top half of the screen and snap a photo. The bottom half will then light up, allowing you to take another photo with your front-facing camera. You’re then able to enhance and edit your completed image before sharing it via email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Messages, or AirDrop. Flipside camera is available for free for a limited time. It has a 3-star rating with a total of 17 ratings.


Durak for iPad ($4.99 → Free, 28.9 MB): If you’ve never played Durak before, now’s the time to try.

I don’t have enough space here to explain how this unique card game works, but let’s just say it requires good offensive and defensive strategies and a little luck. The game includes a full tutorial anyway, so what are you waiting for? It also includes a single player mode, local and online multiplayer, three difficulty settings, customizable cards, and online chat. Durak for iPad is available for free today only (11/14). It has a 4-star rating with a total of 60 ratings.

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If you are a developer who would like to get your app included in our “Apps Gone Free” daily lists, here’s our basic set of rules:
  • It must have at least a three-star average rating at the time it goes free.
  • The app must not have been free numerous times (3+) over the last six months.
  • The free version of your app must not include ads.
To submit an app, simply send a request to [email protected] with the subject “Apps Gone Free.” Please include the name of the app, a link to it in the App Store, when and for how long you intend to offer the app for free, and anything else you would like to share. We will take it from there.
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