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Ink By Intryss Updated With Picture, Sharing And Stylus Enhancements

Ink, the elegant iPad handwriting and drawing app developed by Intryss, has just been issued its second major update. Released last May, Ink received its first major update last September, thereby gaining, among other improvements, a new fountain pen tool and support for the Ten One Design Pogo Connect and Adonit Jot Touch Bluetooth-powered pressure-sensitive styli. Now, through its second major update, Ink has gained additional enhancements concerning pictures, sharing, and, once again, styli. In the new version of Ink, you can now insert pictures from your iPad's photo library or camera. You can also cut, copy and paste pictures. "This includes the ability to paste in pictures from any source (such as another app), and to paste pictures from Ink to anywhere else," Intryss notes. [caption id="attachment_492791" align="aligncenter" width="360"] Ink[/caption] On iOS 6.0 and later, the new version of Ink also features new sharing options, including sharing via social networks, iMessage, and clipboard. The newly updated Ink now also supports Wacom's Intuos Creative Stylus. To learn more about this particular Bluetooth-powered pressure-sensitive stylus, see our announcement post from last August. Also including some bug fixes and performance enhancements, the new version of Ink is available now in the App Store as a free update or as a new $5.99 download. The app is compatible with iPad and iPad mini running iOS 5.0 or later. Note that Ink is yet to be redesigned for iOS 7, sporting as it still does some skeuomorphic and textured UI elements. For more information on Ink, see our original review of the app here on AppAdvice. And for more apps like Ink, check out AppAdvice’s Handwriting Apps For iPad AppGuide.
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