Getting up can be a very difficult task (especially when it’s cold in the mornings), but when you have the right alarm clock, it really helps. We’ve gone through our fair share of alarm clock apps, but one continues to get better and better with each update: Wake Alarm.

Wake Alarm came out in May of this year, and provides a beautifully simple design, and is one of the most intuitive alarm apps out there. You can store multiple alarms by spinning the dial to your desired alarm time, and quick access to all of your alarms on a single screen by pulling the top down just a bit. The big feature of Wake Alarm that sets it apart from the rest are the types of alarms that you can set. These include the traditional Swipe, the Slap & Flip, and even Shake to really get your blood pumping before you get out of bed.

The last major update to Wake Alarm brought a Night Mode setting that allowed users to adjust the screen brightness by sliding their finger up and down on the screen. This was necessary for the special alarm modes, like Slap & Flip and Shake.

Now Wake Alarm has hit version 2.0 and brings a ton of new goodies to improve the overall user experience, as well as being on the iPad for the first time (separate app).

The biggest and most exciting new feature is the ability to speak your alarms in with the Voice option. To do this, all you need to do is tap and hold anywhere on the main clock screen to trigger it, and then just tell Wake Alarm what time you want to wake up at. It’s like how Siri works with the native, except this is for Wake. This feature is only available on the iPhone 5 and 5s.

Previously, you could only choose from Wake’s selection of alarm tones. If you are more of the type of person to wake up to their iTunes library, now Wake gives you that option. And if you preferred to have a different type of alarm style for different days of the week, now the app allows you to customize each alarm with its own alarm style. So if you need a good old Shake during the weekdays, but would prefer just a Slap & Flip for the weekend, now you can do so.

Other minor new additions include a more simplified user interface for iOS 7, full landscape support, a new help screen, and of course, bug fixes and enhanced performance.

Here is the full change log for Wake Alarm 2.0:

What’s New:

- NEW Voice feature – set an alarm by simply speaking to WAKE (tap and hold anywhere on main clock screen to trigger Voice mode – works on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s)

- NEW iTunes alarm support – wake up to your own audio every morning

- NEW Refreshed design for iOS 7 – simplified and beautified the whole WAKE experience

- NEW More alarm customization – now you can control the Alarm Style for each alarm you set

- NEW Landscape support – WAKE now works in portrait and landscape

- NEW Help screen – cleaner and clearer help screen w/ tutorial video

- Critical bug fixes and performance enhancements

We’ve enjoyed using Wake Alarm to help us get out of bed every morning, and are quite pleased to see it continue to be improved with each and every update. Wake Alarm 2.0 is free for existing users, and new customers can get it in the App Store for their iPhone for $2.99. If you would prefer to have it on the iPad, it’s available separately for $3.99.