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Cydia Tweak: BatterySafe Gets iOS 7 To Switch Off Power-Hungry Features

BatterySafe is a clever jailbreak tweak for iOS 7 that could help save your iDevice from running out of power completely. Once installed, the jailbreak tweak will have your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch switch off power-hungry features (such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) when users are down to their last 20, 10, or five percent of battery life. The tweak adds a new pane to the Settings app, and here iDevice users can customize precisely how BatterySafe works. You can choose whether Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or both are auto-switched off once you’re down to a preset level of battery life, and you can also enable or disable the jailbreak tweak entirely. BatterySafe will auto-dim your iDevice’s brightness level once you’re low on power, too. It’s definitely a clever tweak, and one that has potential. More customization options, for example, would be a smart move for the developer to make; plus, it seems BatterySafe hasn’t yet been recompiled for ARM64-iDevices (the iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad mini with Retina display). Of course, as of iOS 7 it’s also possible to easily access these toggles from Control Center. Pre-iOS 7-powered iDevice users can get a similar experience using the free SBSettings package. If you’re a fan of iDevice automation, however, BatterySafe could be a jailbreak tweak of interest. It can be downloaded in the Cydia Store free of charge, though as mentioned, it doesn’t yet appear to have been recompiled for ARM64-iDevices. For information on jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch under iOS 7, be sure to take a look at our tutorial. See also: Apple’s New Mac Pro Isn’t Expected To Arrive In-Store Until March, Droplr To Drop Support For Free Accounts In Favor Of New Paid Subscription Plans, and Apple’s iPhone Left Rivals Behind, Gained Web Share Over The Holidays.
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