There are rugged cases for the iPhone 5s/5, and then there’s the SLXtreme from Snow Lizard.

The accessory manufacturer calls the new case ultra-rugged, and it has every right to. Featuring a polycarbonate shell, users slide the iPhone into the case. A top-loading lid offers a thumb screw that needs a quarter turn, and then the handset is secure.

Certified with a MIL SPEC 810G rating, the phone should be protected from falls of up to 6 feet along with dust and sand. The case is also waterproof up to 6 feet and gives underwater photographers full functionality of the iPhone to take that perfect shot.

Unlike previous versions of the case, the new SLXtreme does give users access to the headphone jack. A watertight plug keeps the area secure when not in use.

And if that wasn’t enough, the case offers an integrated 2,550 mAH battery that more than doubles the life of an iPhone. The built-in solar panel is designed for emergency charging on the go.

It does looks like iPhone 5s users won’t be able to take advantage of the Touch ID sensor with the case as the home button is covered with protective material.

You can snag the SLXtreme now from Snow Lizard’s site for $149.99. Buyers can choose from the pictured orange or a black, yellow, white, or hunter camo version.

The SLXtreme is obviously not designed for everyday use. But for a camping trip or excursion into the wilderness, it looks to be a very nice accessory to bring along.

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