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Apple And Samsung Cannot Hammer Out A Deal Ahead Of A March Trial

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung mobile chief Shin Jong-Kyun met this week in the United States. The goal was to resolve the long-running battle between the two companies over intellectual property rights. Unfortunately, no agreement was reached, according to ZDNet Korea. In January, both sides agreed to meet to discuss a settlement before a new trial, which is set to start on March 31. As Joe White reported earlier in the day, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller is expected to be called to testify at the trial by Samsung’s lawyers. This case, which was filed by Samsung, focuses on Apple's alleged patent infringements on products such as the iPhone 4s. In July 2012, Cook had met with Samsung Vice Chairman Choi Gee-sung in another failed attempt at resolution ahead of a patent case. Apple ultimately won that battle, and was awarded $1 billion. Besides Schiller, Scott Forstall, Apple’s former head of iOS could also testify next month. See also: The Big Samsung Galaxy S5 Reveal Is Coming Feb. 24The Little Secret About The Galaxy S4 Samsung Would Rather You Not See, and Apple, Samsung Draw Up A Refined List Of Infringed Patents Ahead Of Trial. Via: AppleInsider
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