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Apple Updates iTunes Connect Developer Portal With New Data And Design

Apple has just updated its iTunes Connect website, particularly the developer portal's Sales and Trends section. Consequently, as first noted by 9to5Mac, said section has become more informative with regard to the data and tools it provides in reporting App Store sales:
The new update answers many of the issues developers have raised in recent years about the opaqueness of the App Store sales process. For instance, developers can now separate out sales by territory, platform of purchase and category. This means that developers can get a better idea of how customers are finding their apps in the store.
In the example above, the app is shown to have generated the most sales in Europe, through iPad, and via the Games category in the App Store. The updated Sales and Trends section also allows developers to analyze results that are confined to a specific period, as opposed to having to download raw sales reports in order to do the same. It also features a new look that's in line with the flat and simple style of iOS 7. Apple, however, is yet to update its iTunes Connect Mobile app with a new look for iOS 7, or with any new features, for that matter.
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