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Verizon’s New ‘More Everything’ Plans Will Reportedly Be Unveiled Tomorrow

Verizon will soon answer back to the aggressive moves made by T-Mobile and AT&T. According to DroidLife, the largest U.S. carrier will announce tomorrow a new slate of “More Everything” plans. And thankfully, as the name suggests, customers will receive a lot more for the same price. First up, the data amount will increase for 500MB, 1GB, and 2GB plans. So customers will now receive 1GB for $40 per month, 2GB of data for $50 per month, and 3GB for $60 per month. Customers who take advantage of the carrier’s Edge program will also be able to receive more discounts. Active Edge customers who have up to an 8GB data plan will receive $10 per month off the usual $40 smartphone access fee. If you have a 10GB or larger data plan, that fee will be cut in half to just $20 per month. Verizon is also promising to double the bandwidth "in cities coast to coast," give users free unlimited international messaging, and 25GB of cloud storage. Finally, buyers who have purchased a phone prior to Nov. 13, 2013 can now enroll in the Edge program. Back in January, T-Mobile unveiled its plan to pay for the ETF fees of any new customer who switches over. AT&T recently announced less expensive family plans and a $100 bill credit for new and existing customers who add a new line of service.
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