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Cydia Tweak: Activator Beta Updated To Add Speech Synthesis

Developer Ryan Petrich (@rpetrich) has updated the beta version of his popular Activator jailbreak tweak adding support for a brand new action: speech synthesis. The updated package can be downloaded now free of charge on the Cydia Store, and it’s optimized for iOS 7 and ARM64-devices.

Being a new “action,” speech synthesis can be set up as the end result of a user-configured “gesture” in Activator. Gestures may be swipes on an iPhone’s screen, a custom press of the Home button, volume buttons, or sleep button, or any other such interaction with a jailbroken iOS device. Now, however, as of Activator 1.8.4 beta 11 users can have their handset speak preset text back to them when such a gesture is performed.

All of this can be configured from inside the Activator app: after picking your gesture, jailbreakers will then need to set the text they wish Activator to speak back to them. Once chosen and inputted, the whole process should be ready to use.

Activator is a smart package in a number of ways, and it can be used to improve the function of Apple’s iOS in specific relation to how gestures and buttons work. For example, you can set the package to activate multitasking with a swipe across the screen, rather than with a double-press of the Home button; if the sleep button on your iPhone 5 has broken, Activator allows users to remap it to a custom-set gesture, too.

Speech synthesis means the already impressive jailbreak tweak is now even better. As mentioned, Activator beta can be downloaded free of charge on the Cydia Store, and it’s optimized for iOS 7 and ARM64-devices.

In order to install the package, however, be sure to add Ryan Petrich’s beta repository to the Cydia application first. The address is:

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