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Google’s VirusTotal Uploader Lands On Mac OS X

If you’re looking to beef up security on your Mac, Google’s VirusTotal has just released an interesting, and free, tool for OS X machines. The VirusTotal Uploader allows Mac users to upload suspicious files or folders to the service to be scanned with more than 50 antivirus solutions. Along with being able to drag-and-drop Mac applications to the uploader, users can also select “Open With” in the finder to have the service scan a file. The program can be downloaded directly from the VirusTotal site now. You’ll need a Mac running OS X 10.7 or higher to use the uploader. There is also a version of the program designed for Windows machines, as well. Even though the number of threats targeting OS X is relatively small compared to the Windows world, this sounds like a great tool. I’ll be downloading it now. And the more users that take advantage of the program, the bigger help it will be for malware researchers and antivirus companies. For other recent news today, see: Apple May Unveil A New 'Smart Home' Software Platform At WWDC, Walt Mossberg Talks Apple, Beats And What Needs To Happen In Cupertino Now, and Some Memorable Highlights From Previous Apple WWDC Keynotes.
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