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Apple’s iOS 8 Provides Quick Location-Based Access To Apps From The Lock Screen

While not specifically addressed at yesterday’s WWDC keynote, users of iOS 8 have found another interesting new feature. First mentioned by MacRumors, the lock screen in the first beta version of the software provides quick access to apps based on a user’s location. As you can see, when close to a Starbucks or Apple Store location, an icon on the lower left side of the lock screen allows quick access to the specific app. And the feature doesn’t seem to be confined to major retail stores. One iOS 8 beta user reported on Twitter that he had quick access to a train station app on his lock screen when nearby. The specifics behind the feature are currently unknown. Also, we’re still trying to find out if users will just see apps they have installed or if the feature will recommend specific apps to download because of their location. Even so, the feature might not make it to the release version. But I hope this will make the cut. I could see it coming in handy in a number of situations, especially combined with Apple’s rumored mobile payment service. For other recent news, see: Students 'Cool' With Apple Buying Beats Audio, Peer-To-Peer AirPlay Arrives On iOS 8, Apple TV, and Apple Updates Its Guidelines To Allow 'Approved' Virtual Currency Transactions In Apps.
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