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In iOS 8, Apple Has Ditched Yahoo For The Weather Channel

Another minor (but significant) change to have appeared in iOS 8 concerns the Weather app. Now, Apple is listing The Weather Channel as the provider of its weather data and information instead of Yahoo, in a move that spells bad news for Marissa Mayer's company. This is because Mayer has long been said to have a focus on further embedding Yahoo services in Apple's mobile OS. We told you about this back in April, noting that two internal Yahoo plans -- codenamed "Fast Break" and "Curveball" -- ultimately aim to have Cupertino set Yahoo as the default search engine on iOS. It now looks like this has become even more of an unrealistic goal. Because in the iOS 8 Weather application (as well as in Notification Center, pictured above, which sources data from the Weather app), Apple is listing its meteorological information as coming directly from The Weather Channel, instead of Yahoo. [caption id="attachment_547120" align="aligncenter" width="642"] It's bad news for Yahoo. [/caption] This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, however. We've said before that Apple's "Yahoo-powered" Weather app actually sources information from The Weather Channel. All Cupertino has done is cut out the middle man -- that is, Yahoo -- and is instead listing its actual source of information in both the Weather application and Notification Center. Besides the above change, little else has been altered in the Weather application on iOS 8. Extended forecasts are now nine days long (rather than five), and additional weather conditions have been added; in terms of design, however, it looks very much like the iOS 7 Weather app we've been using since September. For more information on Apple's WWDC announcements, be sure to check out our link roundup. See also: Apple's HealthKit Faces Complaint From Health Software Startup Of The Same Name, Listen To This: Apple To Soon Enable Lightning-Connected Headphones For iOS Devices, and New 'Send Last Location' Option In iOS 8 Makes Tracking Lost Devices Easier. Please note: All screenshots have been provided by our developer sources.