As developers and tech journalists alike test the beta of iOS 8, more and more new features in Apple’s next-generation mobile operating system are getting discovered. One of the latest to come to light is a new “Send Last Location” option for Find My iPhone and Find My iPad in iOS 8.

As reported by MacRumors, this option, which is found in the iCloud section of the Settings app, allows a device’s last known location to be automatically sent to Apple when the battery drains to a critical level.

The location data will apparently be stored by Apple 24 hours after the battery drains completely, allowing the owner of the device to ascertain its last known location even if it’s no longer turned on.

This has the potential to help users track lost iOS devices more easily, especially in cases of devices that are simply misplaced, where the battery more often than not drains completely.

But in cases of stolen devices, where thieves are likely to switch them off immediately, perhaps an option to have the last known location automatically sent to Apple right before the devices are shut down is also a welcome addition to iOS 8.

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