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Amazon Books physical stores could be coming to more places

Amazon could be seen opening more physical bookstores in the near future.

Kindle for iOS gets social sharing features, parallel downloads

Amazon's Kindle app has received a couple of great new features in its latest update.

Amazon Video gets even better with Showtime, Starz and more

Amazon's latest program brings more great programming to its video library.

7 apps I really want to see on the new Apple TV

There are lots of apps already in the tvOS App Store, but there are a few missing options I hope to see there soon.

Amazon Video is ready for the iPad Pro, but not tvOS

Amazon Video has received a super update, but it's still not optimized for Apple's tvOS.

It looks like Amazon's Prime Video is coming to Apple TV 'within a few weeks'

Amazon's Prime Video streaming service is set to launch on Apple's tvOS, after all.

Enjoy X-Ray and more great new features on Amazon Video for iOS

Added support for X-Ray is just one of the new features in the Amazon Video update.

Are Apple and Amazon building an audiobook monopoly?

Would two of the fiercest competitors really be forming a monopoly?

Updated: The Weekly Echo: Trouble with the new Philips Hue Bridge

This week, we talk about a problem with the Philips Hue Bridge 2.0.

Oh Amazon, why don't you love the new Apple TV?

There are several options for purchasing an Apple TV, but one prominent one has banned the set top box.

The Weekly Echo: A Tale of Two Alexas

This week, we look at the differences between Alexa in the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Fire TV.

The Weekly Echo: Smarter security for the Internet of Things

This week, let's look at how you can lock down your Internet of Things devices and make them more secure.

Manage folders and upload files, now in Amazon Cloud Drive

A great update to this storage app brings many new features, making it more useful than ever.

Amazon's latest Kindle update makes Audible integration even better

Amazon's Kindle iOS app now handles Audible audiobooks far better thanks to a new update.

The Weekly Echo: How can we secure the Internet of Things?

In this week's Weekly Echo, we dive into the security concerns around the Internet of Things.

Amazon Fire TV brings amazing entertainment to your 4K TV

This second generation set top box is positioned squarely to take on Apple.

Amazon Dash Replenishment Service makes shopping smarter

This new Internet of Things service could make late-night emergency shopping trips a thing of the past.

The Weekly Echo: Netflix makes entertainment even smarter

This week, let's take a look at how a single button can make everything perfect for movie night.

The Weekly Echo: we don't want an Internet of Useless Things

In this edition of the Weekly Echo, we talk about Alexa's new skills and an Internet of Useless Things.

Amazon takes aim at Apple with new 4K-enabled Fire TV

The retailer of just about everything has announced its latest set top boxes to compete with Apple TV.

Scan products to compare using the new Amazon app widget

Scan, search, and shop easier now with a nice update to this popular shopping app.

Get your Star Wars fix with these Force Friday new releases

With all of the Force Friday merchandise releases, it will be a small miracle if many of us can pay our rent this month.

Amazon Music with Prime Music introduces a spotlight

View the spotlight tunes, set your timer, and more with a great update to this music app.