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Apple took on Amazon in a bidding war for 'Top Gear' stars

Did Apple miss a trick letting Amazon pay millions for the "Top Gear" trio?

The Weekly Echo: Is the Internet of Things prime time ready?

This week, I look at how easy the Internet of Things is or isn't to set up for yourself.

Amazon Prime Video will let you view your shows offline

A great new feature has been added to an already wonderful app and service.

Amazon Underground is a great idea that needs to come to iOS

Amazon has a fresh new idea on how to bring you games and pay developers, too.

The Weekly Echo: playing around with skills and automation

This week, we talk about home automation, the Dash button, and random cat facts, among other things.

The Weekly Echo: Inaugural Edition

In this first edition of the Weekly Echo, we have new compatible home automation devices and Alexa's first third-party skills.

Amazon's Dash buttons can do more than order stuff for you

Find out how to use the Amazon Dash button to do something even more useful than ordering diapers.

Watch out Siri, Amazon’s Alexa could be coming to iOS soon

Amazon has created a developer toolkit that could bring Alexa to more than just the Amazon Echo.

Amazon wants you to Dash to them instead of the store

Formerly invitation-only, this shopping accessory is now available for all Amazon Prime members.

Fly into savings on just about everything with Jet

Look out Amazon, there's a Jet gunning for you.

Review: Amazon Echo sounds like a home run

This new smart speaker from Amazon is packed with great features.

Amazon's Prime Day is a letdown for iPhone and iPad owners

Amazon's Prime Day sale isn't all it could have been this year.

Dropbox competition? Amazon Cloud Drive app launches for iOS

Move over Dropbox, Amazon is entering the storage app market.

Amazon Echo's home entertainment revolution has gone public

This new device could be the future of home entertainment and more.

Amazon Prime offers more than just 2-day free shipping

Amazon Prime members have added benefits with these three handy media apps.

Kindle for iOS gets an update adding 'faster reading, less eye strain' and more

Amazon has sent out a useful update for its Kindle iOS application making a number of changes.

Amazon Instant Video receives an update bringing HD and improved settings

Enjoy videos in HD, use your mobile data plan, and more with the Amazon Instant Video update.

How to make the most of Amazon Prime with music, video and photo apps

Hey Amazon Prime members, do you know you have added benefits with these three media apps?

Kindle update adds iPhone support for flashcards, enhanced 'Before You Go' experience

Amazon has just sent out a nice update for Kindle's iOS app making two main changes.

Amazon Game Studios is bringing 4 new games to Apple's iOS

That's right: four new titles from Amazon Game Studios are coming to an App Store near you.

Review: The Amazon Echo could offer a glimpse at the future of home entertainment

The Amazon Echo is a very interesting new device from the world's largest online retailer.

RadioShack is dead, so long live Amazon?

Amazon might buy some RadioShack stores.

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