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Microsoft Releated

Glance at your reminders with the improved Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft’s handy personal assistant app now has a widget, 3D Touch support, and more.

Microsoft Office now has 3D Touch and annotations with ink

Updates for these Microsoft products give you quicker ways to access what you need.

Microsoft may be right to dub the iPad Pro a 'companion device'

Redmond is only pointing out what many of us were already thinking.

Put on your best face with Microsoft Selfie

Microsoft's latest app is a simple way to make your selfies shine.

Microsoft could take on Apple TV with smaller Xbox One device

The Apple TV could be about to face some stiff competition from none other than Microsoft.

Microsoft Cortana has landed on an iPhone near you

Microsoft's answer to Siri has arrived for iPhone users.

OneDrive's latest update brings 3D Touch support, scoped folder search

Microsoft's latest update for OneDrive adds new features and brings an old one back.

Does the iPad Pro outperform the MacBook or Surface Pro 4?

Looking at benchmark tests, the iPad Pro is a surprisingly powerful tablet.

Microsoft’s Skype gives you spotlight search and slide over

Send messages quicker and take calls while multitasking with this updated communications app.

Skype users plagued with problems, fix is incoming

Skype for iOS isn't looking good at the minute.

Reply to email from your wrist with Microsoft Outlook

In a welcome update to Microsoft Outlook, the app's Apple Watch experience is greatly improved.

How does Sunrise feel on your wrist?

Check out which features this popular calendar app brings to the Apple Watch.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition for iOS is now better than ever

Mincraft: Pocket Edition has received an update adding boats, skins, and more.

Here's how to crash and fix your Skype account

Microsoft's messaging app can be crashed by a simple typo.

Microsoft takes on Safari with its revamped Bing app featuring private search and more

Bing on iOS is now better than ever thanks to a recently published update for the app.

Microsoft's Halo: Spartan Strike shoots its way onto App Store

Microsoft has released a new game for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, Halo: Spartan Strike.

Microsoft updates OneNote for iOS and Mac

Microsoft has released updates for its popular OneNote software for the Mac and iOS.

Microsoft's Cortana set to take on iOS and Android this fall

Microsoft's "personal assistant" arrives on iOS and Android later this year.

Is the iPad really the weakest link?

IDC has predicted the Apple iPad will become the weakest link in the tablet market. Could that be true?

Microsoft Office for iOS adds iCloud and Box integrations

The latest Microsoft Office for iOS update is here.

Op-Ed: Why Apple should give us an ‘iPad Pro’ with a yucky stylus

Who would an "iPad Pro" appeal to, and why should we care?