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Pandora Related

Rithm introduces a low-cost music streaming service to rival Spotify

Rithm is hoping to disrupt the music streaming industry with its new offering.

Apple's iTunes Radio May Soon Be The Second Most-Popular US Music Streaming Service

Apple's iTunes Radio is the third most-popular streaming service in the United States, according to recent data.

Apple's CarPlay Doesn't Integrate With Pandora, But Support Could Be Incoming

Pandora isn't supported by Apple's new CarPlay feature, but integration may arrive later this year.

Surprise: iTunes Radio Doesn't Seem To Be A Pandora-Killer, After All

Pandora has seen its user base increase - rather than decrease - following the launch of iTunes Radio.

Rdio Fights Back, Plans On Launching Free Music Service To Counter iTunes Radio

Rdio is set to take on its competitors with a new ad-supported free music streaming service.

Apps To Celebrate Jesus This Christmas

Here are the best apps to celebrate the Birth of Jesus this year.

Record Labels Reportedly Unhappy About Apple's 'Forthcoming' Radio Service

Apple's music streaming "radio" service is becoming more of a reality, one recent report notes.

The Best iPad Titles Include Planetary, Imaginary Range, TripIt, And More

Traveling across the Earth and into space highlighted some of the best iPad apps of the past week. But, which was the best?

Now That Is Funny: Pandora Radio Adds Comedy To Its Lineup

Pandora, the free Internet radio service, is adding a few jokes to its repertoire of music. Beginning this week the service, which is available online and through a free universal app, now includes 10,000 clips by 700 comedians. The addition of comedy channels is automatic and doesn't require an app update.

The Pandora Radio App Is Now Compatible With Ford Sync AppLink And Mini Connected

Pandora Media released a minor, but notable, update to their Pandora Radio iOS app. Pandora Radio v3.1.6 simply adds support for Ford Sync AppLink and the Mini Connected Infotainment System.

Jailbreak Only: Pandora Hack Kills Skip Limits

Tired of having to live with Pandora's limits on how many songs you can skip? Well, as always, there is a jailbreak hack for that.