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Bendgate 2: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge might have its own problems

A third-party warranty firm has developed a bending test for smartphones, and finds the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge might have its own problem.

Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6: a side-by-side comparison

Is the Galaxy S6 a copy of the iPhone 6? We compare the two phones side by side to find out.

Samsung to supply DRAM for next generation iPhone

The next generation iPhone will feature latest LPDDR4 memory chips from Samsung.

Bad time for Samsung Mobile and Android-based devices

Apple and Samsung sold about the same number of smartphones during the last quarter. Why is only Apple smiling?

Apple is about to overtake Nokia in worldwide mobile phone sales

Apple could soon become the No. 2 mobile phone provider in the world.

Is the Apple Watch really a Samsung Watch?

The Apple Watch is likely to have a lot of components made by Samsung.

Apple is now the top mobile brand in China

Apple has overtaken Samsung to become the most popular mobile brand in China.

Comparing the iPhone 6 to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8

A new video compares the performance of the iPhone 6 with two other popular handsets.

Apple's 'A9' processor will be produced by Samsung, not TSMC

Your 2015 iPhone is likely to feature an Apple "A9" chip made by Samsung.

Samsung is making the displays for the 'iPad Air 2' and 12.9-inch 'iPad Pro'

Samsung has been tasked with making the displays for Apple's newest iPads.

A Samsung Galaxy S 5 takes the ALS ice bucket challenge, mocks the iPhone 5s

Samsung joins this year's biggest viral campaign, the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Barnes & Noble unveils the Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK is now available at Barnes and Noble stores.

Apple and Samsung likely to dominate the smart watch market

Entering the smart watch market might not be the best move for a company to make, according to one technology analyst.

Apple may come to Samsung's rescue, but not until 2015

Samsung's profits continue to decline.

Apple is no longer seeking a permanent injunction in Samsung lawsuit

Apple recently dropped its cross-appeal of Judge Lucy Koh's final judgement in its 2012 Samsung patent trial.

TSMC could lose 2015 A-series chip orders to Samsung, reports claim

It looks like Apple really is having a hard time breaking up with Samsung.

The AppAdvice week in review: steady progress made on iOS 8, OS X Yosemite

Here are just a few of the stories we covered this week.

Apple finally broke away from Samsung as TSMC began shipping A-series chips in Q2

TSMC started shipping A-series processors to Apple in Q2 2014, a recent report claims.

A Bad Day For Samsung As Profits Decline Once Again

Increased competition has slowed Samsung's profits.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: 'Swiss Made' 'iWatch' And More

Here are just a few of the stores we covered this week.