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These are about apps that integrate with the tom-tom software. WhereTo for example added support to open location in TomTom instead of Maps if user has it installed.

TomTom For iOS To Receive UI Overhaul In Forthcoming Update

TomTom for iOS is soon to receive an impressive update, according to one German publication.

TomTom Makes Several Enhancements To Their Own Apps Prior To iOS 6

In hopes of staying competitive, even against Apple, TomTom continues packing their iOS apps with all kinds of features. Released earlier today, v1.11 includes the routine map data update, plus improved Foursquare, address book, and audio integration.

TomTom Driving Apps Going Universal This Fall

TomTom has announced that its popular line of iPhone apps will soon be optimized to work on the iPad as well. This news was announced during IFA 2011 in Berlin and reported first by Engadget.

The White iPhone, iCloud Rumors, And A 1994 Tablet Prediction Made News In Week That Was

The white iPhone debuted and quickly began selling out, while investors became concerned about future iPad 2 sales. But, don’t tell that to those in Japan, who loved the second-generation iDevice. Meanwhile, Apple provided its mea culpa on the “locationgate” issue, but will that be enough for the whole affair to die? Not if Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn) has anything to say about it. These stories and more made news during the last week.

Your TomTom App Might Lead To A Speeding Ticket

TomTom NV has apologized for selling traffic information about its customers to law enforcements officials. The company behind the line of navigation apps for motorists sold traffic data to local and regional governments as a way to make more money, in news reported by The Register.

TomTom Map Share: Stay Current Between Full Map Updates

TomTom has updated their iPhone navigation apps with new map data and a way to stay up-to-date with the ever changing roadways by offering users access to their Map Share technology.