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Adam Blair

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From the Diary of an App Developer: Photoshop to the SDK

Your designer should now have a completed set of screenshots created in Photoshop, and your programmer should be filled with crazy skills that they are just dying to unleash. Well, good news - it is now time to let these skills loose by converting all of those pretty static images into a working application! Let's get started.

From the Diary of an App Developer: To Demo or Not to Demo?

Now that you've mostly programmed your application, it's time to make a choice: To demo or not to demo? This in an incredibly important decision, especially when it comes to marketing. Today, I'll help you make up your mind.

From the Diary of an App Developer: Let's Start Programming!

Even though the design phase of your application is going well, it probably feels like it's missing something. That "something" would be the programming--the aspect of development that turns design into functionality. This week, we'll start our programming training with some very simple SDK tutorials.

From the Diary of an App Developer: Digitizing Your Notes

Now that we have a ton of features for our application, it is time to narrow then down and get them onto a computer so we can utilize them from a programming and design standpoint.

From the Diary of an App Developer: Features

By now you should have a general idea of what your app will be. At least you should know the big picture — your app's category, its main purpose, the void in the App Store it fills, and what makes it an app that people will download and care about. But, you aren't out of the idea woods yet; we still have a lot of idea-generation left. Now that you have a general idea for your app, it's time to hone in on the specifics.

From the Diary of an App Developer: Your App Ideas

Now that you have the perfect partner for your journey through app development, it's time to get creative. This short guide will help your development team get focused on developing a workable idea for your very own application by focusing on your favorite categories and by studying existing apps in the App Store. Now let's get developing!

From the Diary of an App Developer: Getting Started

A great iPhone application can come from anywhere, even from you. If you've ever thought for even one second about application development, now's the time to cash in on your passions.

Review: Moto X Mayhem

The long-awaited side-scrolling motorcycle game type has come to the iPhone as Moto X Mayhem. And let me tell you, it's worth the wait.

Why Jailbreak: QuickReply

QuickReply fixes the all-too-common problem of those text messages that interrupt everything.

Why Jailbreak: ProSwitcher

ProSwitcher is a Palm Pre-style application switcher, which has revolutionized the way I use my iPhone. Check out the post to see how you can do it too.

Review: Sheeple

Sheeple is a simple puzzle game where you lead the mindless sheeple to their stars with your comets and fireballs and boulders. But is it too simple?

Why Jailbreak: Get Even More Stuff With Repositories

Get even more apps from Cydia with a comprehensive list of repositories.

The Return of 'Why Jailbreak,' and How to (very, very easily) Jailbreak Your iPhone

The return of the "Why Jailbreak" column, and how to Jailbreak Your iPhone with the world's easiest jailbreaking tool ever: BlackRa1n.

Review: Poppi

Poppi is a simple, futuristic take on a classic game-type of falling shapes, but should you get it?

Review: Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania is may be one of the best games for the iPhone thus far. With its superb graphics, comforting tie-in to the animated classic, and addictive gameplay, this game is definitely a winner--but is it right for you?

Why Jailbreak: YourTube

Make even better use of the iPhone's availability to YouTube by utilizing the power of MxTube (and jailbreaking) to download videos straight to your handset for more seamless viewing.

'Jailbreaking' Without Jailbreaking: The Introduction

An introduction to a new column all about one ex-jailbreaker's search to bring his iPhone as close to jailbreaking as possible...without jailbreaking his phone.

Review: 18,000 Cool Jokes

18,000 Jokes brings some great features to the table, but does it have funny jokes to match?

Review: Farkle Deluxe

Farkle Deluxe is a great take on the original dice game that all of us have come to love. But does it do the name 'Farkle' justice?

Why Jailbreak: WebSearch

Use the power of jailbreaking to increase the searching power and speed of the world's most powerful cell phone.

Why Jailbreak: Tips and Tricks (For Both The Jailbreaker And Non-Jailbreaker)

Get even more out of the iPhone with these Tips and Tricks for both the Jailbreaker and Non-Jailbreaker.