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Adam Ballif

Adam Ballif holds a Doctor of Musical Arts and a Master of Music degree in clarinet performance from Arizona State University. He is currently Associate Professor of Music at Mesa State College where he teaches clarinet other music coursework. Technology is his passion, especially when it makes life more productive and efficient.
Latest from Adam

Review: GigBook - Sheet Music Viewer for iPad

The iPad has become an indispensable tool for the performing musician. It gives access to sheet music, without the weight and bulk of carrying around all of those papers. The sheet music reader space is becoming more and more competitive and one of the newest additions is GigBook.

AppList Updated: Fun With Music

Ringtone Remix Pro has been added to our "Fun With Music" AppList. You will want to check out this list to find out how Ringtone Remix Pro can allow you to create custom ringtones using your iPhone.

Giveaway: A Chance To Win A My Bookshelf Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

Retweet or Comment for a chance to win a free promo code for My Bookshelf, a book cataloging app for iPhone.

New AppGuide: Book Cataloging Apps

With these book cataloging apps you can keep track of your growing library, track your reading habits, and keep tabs on those books that disappeared when you lent them out to a friend.

New AppList: iPad Apps For Designers

Whether you are designing websites, graphic artwork, wireframe models, new software apps, or interior design, you can take a truly hands-on approach with the following design apps on your iPad.

New AppList: Apps To Keep You Healthy

From counting calories and tracking medical history to apps that can motivate us to exercise, this AppList will keep you healthy and happy.

New AppList: Apps For Guitarists

The iPhone has many apps geared just for the guitarist. Whether you are just learning or want to enhance your rig for your next gig, these apps for guitarists will help you max out your axe.

New AppList: iPad Apps For Magazine Lovers

The iPad is revolutionizing the way we consume printed materials. PDF documents, ebooks and especially magazines highlight the iPad's form for being well-suited for content consumption. Yet, even though the iPad has only been available since April, there are many unique possibilities for magazine lovers.

New AppList: Fun With Music

From apps that help you listen to music that you haven't heard in years, to apps that introduce you to new music and help you find the perfect song, this AppList will bring new vitality to your listening habits and help you have even more fun with music.

Win An Ultimate Password Manager Promo Code With A Comment Or Retweet

Ultimate Password Manager for iPhone is a complete password management system. We will select ten winners at random from those who comment or retweet this article.

New AppList: Apps For Science Lovers

If you are a scientist, chemistry teacher, or a student just trying to get through microbiology you will find a must-have app in this AppList For Science Lovers.

Win A Noterize (for iPad) Promo Code With A Comment Or Retweet

With back-to-school season upon us we have a great giveaway for students and teachers. Noterize is a full featured note-taking app for the iPad. We will select ten winners at random from those who comment or retweet this article.

New AppGuide: Secret Keeping Apps

From passwords and serial numbers to accounts and private notes we all have data that we would like to keep secure. With the following secret-keeping apps for iPhone and iPad you can keep your secrets safe and accessible.

Win An iBlueSky (Mindmapping) Promo Code With A Comment Or Retweet

If you are a visual learner then you may be familiar with the technique of Mind Mapping. iBlueSky has been a staple among mind mapping apps for iPhone. Win a promo code with a comment or a retweet.

New AppList: Music Apps To Control Your Computer

There are some great apps that turn your iPhone or iPad into a musical instrument. But what if you want to integrate your iDevice into your musical workflow with your computer? The following AppList is for musicians who want to use their iDevice to control their computer.

New AppGuide: Mind Mapping Apps

If you are a visual learner then you may be familiar with the technique of Mind Mapping. If you need to solve a perplexing problem or plan the next big thing, one of these Mind Mapping Apps may be just what you need.

New AppGuide: Personal Database Apps

Keeping track of your stuff has always been a problem. In the digital age we now have virtual stuff to track as well. This AppGuide will feature apps to create, edit, and access personal databases on the go.

New AppGuide: Contact Management

The iPhone comes with a very useful contact management application, however, you may find that it just doesn't do enough for you. From adding, editing, and deleting contact groups to sending out mass emails, the following AppGuide will help you in your contact management.

New AppList: Apps For TV Lovers

If you know you’re a TV lover then you will want to check out these apps for iPhone and iPad. From keeping current on your favorite shows, to testing your TV trivia knowledge, these apps will help you stay in the loop.

New AppGuide: Sheet Music Readers For iPad

The iPad is changing the way we do business. For the working musician that means that the iPad can now serve up sheet music for performances. This new AppGuide compares the available sheet music readers for the iPad.

Win A Noterize 3.0 Promo Code With A Comment Or Retweet

Noterize 3.0 hit the app store this week and AppAdvice was here with an exclusive review of this sizable update. The developer was kind enough to provide us with five promo codes for AppAdvice readers.

New AppGuide: Best Apps To Use TextExpander

TextExpander on the Mac saves you from typing repeated text over and over again. With TextExpander Touch for the iPhone and iPad, you can bring your snippets with you on the go. The following AppGuide highlights those apps that take advantage of TextExpander Touch in iOS.

Noterize 3.0 For iPad, Exclusive Pre-Release Review

Using the iPad as a note-taking device is a dream that many of us hope to realize. Noterize 3.0 for iPad will be available in the App Store next week and we are happy to have an exclusive pre-release look.

New AppGuide: PDF Readers For iPad

Using the iPad in business or education means needing to access your PDF files. Keep reading to find out which PDF app is for you.