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Andy Faust III


iPads and Model Ms. If you'd like to open a private dialog, send all your rage to [email protected] For a round of Hanging/Words/Scramble With Friends, look for "words with hox." Gentlemen do not wear straw hats in the metropolis.
Latest from Andy

The iPhone 7 Is a Fundamental Redesign

Is the iPhone 7 a great upgrade or something far less compelling?

Apple TV Remote not remotely good enough ... on purpose?

When it comes to gaming, the new Apple TV's included remote doesn't even meet Apple's own standards. In fact, it's about three decades behind the times. But there just might be something more to this confusing limitation.

Day one Apple TV security issues take center stage

The new Apple TV is sure to disrupt the way we consume entertainment, but day one authentication issues make it an open door for identity theft.

Op-Ed: iPhone 5 Or iPhone Why?

Discussing Apple's take on the y-axis and the "why"-axis.

Rumored iPhone's Two-Tone Backside Isn't All About Appearances

There's sound technical reasoning behind the purported unique look of the new iPhone.

Apple Tried To License Its Patents To Samsung In 2010

A few years ago, copying Apple could've cost Samsung a whole lot less.

Kickstarted: Like MagSkin On Facebook And Win!

We've got three MagSkins to give away, plus promo codes!

Unaired 1983 Commercial Proves Apple Ads Have Come Full Circle

This old Apple commercial is almost as bad as the new ones.

Don't Let A Small Screen Be The Bane Of Your Artistic Existence

Even with the iPhone's small screen, you can still make serious art.

New iPhone Could Screw With Tinkering, Repairability

Are Apple's screws tight or loose with these proprietary fasteners?

Apple Takes On Google In 3-D Maps Comparison

The young Apple Maps could already trump Google's veteran offering.

Only 16 Percent Of Customers Realized The Galaxy Tab Was A Samsung Product

Even Samsung's own research says they copied iPad.

Get Posterized By Gasketball's High-Flying Free Play

Gasketball is a slam dunk for hoops fans and puzzlers alike.

Samsung's Latest Legal Gaffe Is More Of The Same In Patent Trial

It's hard to dance when you have two left feet. And they're both in your mouth.

On Strength Of New iPad, Apple Eclipses 70 Percent Of Chinese Market

Apple's tablet share in the Chinese market has taken off over the last quarter.

Product Timelines Prove Samsung's Ripoff Reputation

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Or a billion dollars.

Purported iPad mini Shots Show No Shooter

These images indicate the iPad mini could be lacking a key component.

Forget iPhone, Apple Wanted To Make What?!

According to Phil Schiller, Apple nearly sped off in a completely different direction.

In Soviet Russia, iPhone Buys You?

Russian carrier MTS wants Apple to bring down the iPhone's cost.

What Would A 'Curvy' iPhone 4 Have Looked Like?

Apple's "shaped glass" iPhone design was ahead of its time.

Apple Seeks Default Victory As Result Of Samsung's 'Litigation Misconduct'

Apple is asking for a default victory in the design portion of its patent suit.

Samsung's Defense Off To A Head-Scratching Start In Apple Patent Trial

After several glaring courtroom mistakes, Samsung is fighting an uphill battle.

Gasketball Promises A Puzzling Mix Of Bank Shots And Buzz Saws

Gasketball puts a new bounce on the classic game of H-O-R-S-E.

Recent Apple Ads Have Been On The Wrong Kind Of Roll

Rotten apples don't make the greatest commercials.