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Arnold Zafra

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ZonkOut Sleep Timer: Easily Fall Asleep To Music

Having trouble falling asleep lately? Well, as the old Apple saying goes - "There's an app for that." Read more...

iPad Lands On Amazon, Stocks Are Depleting Fast

Following the iPad’s arrival at Target this Sunday, it seems that Apple has also given Amazon the green light this week to start distributing it. This makes the giant online retailer the third non-Apple store to sell the iPad, following Target and Best Buy. It also makes Amazon the second online retailer to sell it aside from Apple.

Harbor Master's Remastered Graphics, New Level Will Make You Play the Game Again

Harbor Master, a very addictive pick up and play game has just been updated to version 2.0. The game graphics was remastered and it now also supports multitasking on iOS 4.

Did Apple Just Approve A BitTorrent App? Or Did it Slip Past Their Eagle Eyes?

BiTorrent app IS Drive just made its way to the App Store. Either Apple is really easing up on their approval process or they failed to notice that it was a BiTorrent app.

GoodReader For iPad Gets A Major Update & Some Great New Features

When it comes to managing and sharing files on your iPad, GoodReader is without a doubt a must-have. Well, it keeps getting better as the app just got a major update with tons of new features and performance enhancements.

Sobees My Friends iPad Facebook App Updated to Support Places - Plus Win a Copy!

If you've been using the Sobees My Friends Facebook client on your iPad, you'll be glad to know that the app was updated to version 1.2 a couple of days ago to bring in several new features, including support for Facebook Places.

Gap Takes Its Popular Casting Call Contest For Kids To The iPhone

Gap has released an iPhone app to promote their Casting Call 2010 contest. The app makes it easy to submit photo entries of kids taken by their parents and promote their entry via Facebook and Twitter.

PlayOn Mobile App Debuts On The App Store, We Shout For Joy!

PlayON Mobile app for iOS devices has just made it to the App Store. This brings Internet TV streaming of various contents from Hulu, CBS and other content providers to your iPhone.

WordPress iOS App Gets Updated - Now Lets You Post Videos

The WordPress for iPhone/iPad app has just been updated to v2.6. If you've been using the app for your mobile blogging needs and felt that it lacks some of the great features that the online WordPress interface has, well you'll be glad to know that some of these features, primarily video uploading support have now been added to the app.