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Brenda Balagot

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iPad a Popular Tool Among Therapists Helping The Disabled

The iPad is proving its value to society by helping those with disabilities live more independently. Those who care for the disabled have learned that the iPad is a very useful tool.

VLC For iOS To Get Pulled Over Licensing Issues

The very popular and highly compatible open source video player VLC arrived for the iPad in September and the iPhone about a week ago. It may soon be just a memory.

Access Your iDevice's File System With Phone Disk - Now Free For A Limited Time

Phone Disk can be downloaded for free until December 1, 2010. View your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch files directly from the Mac Finder or Explorer on a PC. Read more...

Apple Considering Nitride Coatings For Scratch Proof Devices

Apple paid another visit to the U.S. Patent Office. This time the application was for adding nitride to make devices scratch proof.

PowerMat Now Compatible With iPhone 4

PowerMat can now charge your iPhone 4 wirelessly!

LED Lights You Can Control With An iPhone Through A Wi-Fi Connection

One way to keep a party interesting and exciting is through the use of lighting. With your Wi-Fi connection, you can control your LED party lights, and treat your guests to an experience they will remember for years to come.

Rumor: Apple To Lock Down The App Store Thanksgiving and Christmas Weeks

The App Store will lock down for Thanksgiving week and Christmas week. What does this mean to you? Click to find out...

Patent Watch: Apple Working On Cloud-Based Radio Broadcast Services

Apple has been in contact with the U. S. Patent Office regarding a device that could tap into cloud broadcasting services. Get on board, because the ride to the future won't wait.

Apple Ships More Smartphones Than RIM In The Last Quarter

BlackBerry is no longer ahead of the iPhone in the global market place. The iPhone has caught up and passed RIM, by shipping more units during the third quarter of 2010.

Steve Replies: iPad Mute Switch Is Here To Stay - Won't Be Customizable

Steve Jobs has verified that the mute switch is here to stay. It will not be converted into an orientation lock ever again. Read more...

AT&T Reports 5.2 Million iPhone Activations

AT&T is reporting an increase in subscribers across the board, from phone activations to prepaid subscriber additions. And, Apple plays a large part in the equation.

Yojimbo And iPad Are A Perfect Match

Having trouble remembering which articles you planned on reading on our iPad? No worries. Just sync all of the data that you stored on Yojimbo from your Mac, and read from your iPad at your leisure.

Bejing Triples Security To Stifle iPhone Scalpers

The Apple Store in Beijing, China has had problems with the iPhone 4 ever since it arrived. First, they shut the store down because of the scalpers. Now, only customers who have reserved an iPhone online can get one, on the upper level, after passing through the necessary security.

Rant: The Child Really Wants An iPhone

Experts are creating buzz by alleging that iPhones are the causing addictive behavior for toddlers. Why are experts so quick to blame the iPhone, which didn't smuggle itself into the toddler's grip?

GroupMe Gets An App To Manage Your Own SMS Chat Rooms

Tired of sending the same SMS to all of the friends in your group? Save your fingers the workout, and use GroupMe to send your SMS/text messages to everyone in one fell swoop.

How To Create Your Own Speed Dial Icons For Free

You don't have to download an app or jailbreak your phone to create speed dial icons for your springboard. In just three steps, you could add as many speed dial icons as you have the energy to create.