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Brian Mongold

I'm a tech, gadget and app fanatic whose been blogging since 2008. In addition to writing with AppAdvice, I blog at, work with the Air Force and the Air National Guard. I don't leave home without my iOS devices. Currently I have a Verizon iPhone 4, an iPad and a 2nd Gen AppleTV.
Latest from Brian

Tilt And Steer To Avoid The Line With Electro Chuck

Electro Chuck is a game that challenges you to tilt and steer your device to keep Chuck from touching the electric line. Sounds easy enough, right? Electro Chuck is easy to learn, but quite challenging as you progress. Dodge those enemies and grab bonuses as you help Chuck master each world.

FlickAddress Enhances Contact Management With Grouping And Organization

Keeping tabs on all your contacts can be a tough task. Without proper grouping and organization, sending a message out to a group of folks will take some time and effort. FlickAddress - Manage Contacts takes contact management to a whole new level with group messaging and organization.

Student Tools For iPad Offers An All-In-One Educational Tool

Using your iPad to help with school work can be a challenge. Some apps can cause distraction, and it can be easy to loose your study rhythm by switching back and forth between apps. Student Tools aims to provide an all-in-one app to improve your productivity and help you remain focused.

Percolater For iPad Offers An Alternative Way To View Feeds, But Falls Short

Some of the most popular iPad apps today are feed readers. New reader apps continue to find their way into the App Store, but the competition is fierce. Percolater is the latest reader to bring some unique features to the table.

Add Creative Effects To Your Photos With FlickFx For iPhone

Have you ever wanted to add cool effects to your photos, but lacked the know-how or skill many complex apps require? FlickFx offers over 30 preset effects to make photo enhancing simple and fun.

WordsWorth HD Is A BEE-autiful Word Game For iPad

Do you enjoy word games? Perhaps you are a little bored with SCRABBLE and Words With Friends. WordsWorth HD takes the concept of word games to a whole new level with multi-directional word linking, player stats and more.

Transform Text And Images Into Notes With DNoteIt For iPad

Organizing information on the Web can be a little overwhelming. When conducting research, saving dozens of webpages to your favorites can be messy and counterproductive. DNoteIt lets you capture the text and images you want, so you can scrap the rest.

Survive Or Fry With Zombie BBQ

Zombie games are quite plentiful in the App Store. While few live up to the standards of Plants vs. Zombies and ZombieSmash, many have attracted and appealed to zombie-loving gamers. Zombie BBQ looks to make its mark in the zombie genre, but comes up a bit short.

Falling Fred Is A Bloody Good Time

Falling Fred is a bloody fun "falling" game full of entertainment and twisted humor. Your goal is to help Fred dodge sharp and painful objects as he falls down an elevator shaft.

Affix Uses Prefixes To Quickly E-mail Tasks And Notes From Your iPhone

Are you the type of person who sends quick e-mails as reminders? Keeping those notes organized can be a challenge. A sloppy inbox is an unproductive one. Affix aims to save you time by using predefined prefixes to add context to your message, while efficiently sending yourself or others notes and tasks.

TripIt - Travel Advisor (no ads) "Automagically" Builds Your Itinerary

Traveling can be a pain, but using a little automation can go a long way to help simplify your travels. TripIt - Travel Organizer is back with an ad-free version of their confirmation retrieving, itinerary building trip companion.

VIPorbit Is A Full-Featured Mobile Relationship Manager For Your iPhone

Traveling can be tough, especially since you are forced to leave the office behind. Since you can't take your office with you, VIPorbit aims to keep you in control with mobile relationship management functionality.

Capture Creative, Light Enhanced Photos With Luminancer For iPhone

Are you looking for a way to add some creativity to your photos? Luminancer is a cool new iPhone and iPod touch app that uses light enhanced features to give your pictures a unique look and feel.

Dodge Landmines With The Grenade Survival Kit

Have you ever needed to notify your friends when an unwelcome guest was in their presence. If you're a Jersey Shore fan, having a grenade whistle handy should help take care of the "situation." CVSoft aims to entertain you and your friends with the Grenade Survival Kit.

Groups! Free Takes Contact Management A Step Further

Have you ever wanted a better way to manage your contacts? When iOS 4.2 was released, the addition of folders should have been extended to the contacts application. Without better grouping options, it's a little frustrating trying to manage all those contacts. Groups! Free lets you take control of your contacts, while adding a few useful features along the way.

Quickly Manage And Organize Your Photos With DropPics For Dropbox

Have you ever wanted a little more functionality for photos you upload to Dropbox? Would viewing photos as a slideshow, a quicker way to move, copy or delete your photos and multiple account support be nice? DropPics works as a companion to DropBox, bringing you these very useful features.

Spring Into Shape With Tap & Track, Calorie Tracker For iPad

Looking to shed some pounds, but not sure how to begin? Counting calories is tough. Who has the time to record everything they eat? Nanobitsoftware, a leading healthcare and fitness iOS app development team, has a solution to help simplify your calorie counting.

Friended - Facebook For iPad Is An App You're Going To "Like"

Friended - Facebook For iPad is a built from the ground up native app. It offers groups, notes, quick view popup profiles, and other notable features to give you a great Facebook experience.

QuickAdvice: Funny Status Updates For Facebook HD Adds Creativity To Your Facebook

Most Facebook status updates look alike, but your updates don't have to be boring like the rest. Why not add a little bit of creativity? Funny Status Updates for Facebook HD lets you flip your text upside down, post like a pirate, add humor and more.

QuickAdvice: Brainboard For iPad Lets You Visualize Your Ideas

Brainboard is an iPad app that aims to bring your ideas to life with diagrams, sketches, blueprints, layouts and more. But, is it an app we'd recommend?

QuickAdvice: Write Away For iPhone Is Your Daily Writing Coach

If you are looking to become a better writer, Write Away is an iPhone app that takes you on a creative endeavor with daily timed writing sessions. You get three random words and 10 minutes to write.

QuickAdvice: Radio - iPad Edition Provides Quality Content Without The Bells And Whistles

Pandora is killing the radio! Actually, while it's impacting the traditional structure of local radio, we have new ways to listen to those stations we grew up with, from anywhere in the world. Local radio has a nice little niche and a familiar voice. Radio - iPad Edition takes a simplistic approach to bringing local and global radio to your iPad.

QuickAdvice: Animals 100 Delivers A Wonderful Blend Of Education And Entertainment

Did you know a camel can drink over 110 liters of water in just 10 minutes, or that rhinos take mud baths to protect their skin from insect bites? Animals 100 provides these curiosities and more with 100+ featured animals, 600+ high definition photos and fun games aimed at educating and entertaining children of all ages.