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Caleb Kingston

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How To: Using Bento App And Syncing With Bento For Mac

If you want find a simple solution on how to organize your life or small business, Bento will help you find the answer. Bento started out as a simple desktop program for the mac by the creators of FileMaker Pro., but now has an iPhone app that works and syncs beautifully with the desktop companion. Here are a few tips to get you synced with Bento for mac and to get started with the powerful app.

Review: Sonos ZonePlayer S5 With ZoneBridge 100 and iPhone Sonos Remote

The Sonos ZonePlayer S5 is a wireless music system that lets you stream thousands of songs from iTunes and all your favorite Internet radio stations like Pandora,, Rhapsody, Sirius and many more without the need for a computer!

The Future Of Screen Recording On Your iPhone!

So today Ustream announced there live video streaming app and we published a news article about it, but when I was playing around with the app today, I saw that ustream records what is on your phones screen not just what the camera is seeing. So it got me to thinking of ways we could use it to record our iPhones screens!

How To: Import A Custom Voicemail Greeting To Your iPhone

If you have an audio file that you would like to use as your voicemail ringtone, you can find out with this step by step tutorial! The first couple steps are pretty simple but the last step can get be tricky so just make sure you follow along and you should be fine.

How To: Stream Your iTunes Music To Your iPhone Or iPod Touch

I know my library has more music than my iPhone can hold so it was of great relief to me when I heard about a great app called Simplify Music 2. This app lets you free up your iPhones precious hard drive space by making your iTunes Library available to be streamed on not only your iPhone and computer but up to 30 of your friends iPhones and computers also. To learn how to share your iTunes library, just follow these simple steps and you will be streaming in not time!

How To: Post A Map Of Your GPS Track To Your Blog

Have you ever wanted to share a map of your GPS tracks on your blog? With a few apps on your iPhone, you can do just that and within seconds of completing your track too!

How To: Transfer Photos & Videos Between iPhones

From bumping to flicking, developers have created multiple innovative ways to transfer the media taken from your iPhone to other iPhones directly via WiFi and Bluetooth. Here are a couple key apps that let you transfer your candid moments with mobility and style!

How To: Record The Hours You Sleep At Night

For all of you who are worried about the amount of sleep your getting each night, Cohaus has developed Nights (Sleep Logger) for tracking and recording your sleeping hours. This app has a very simple interface and allows you to view your sleeping time in a graph and view stats like your average, maximum, or minimum hours of sleep.

How To: Export SMS, Voicemail, And More From Your iPhone

Since the iPhones release, apple has restricted disk use of your iphone as well as what information can be exported to your computer from your iPhone. Ecamm network has created a program to work around these restrictions enabling you to export just about anything from any iPhone or iPod Touch onto your computer!

How To: Edit Videos On Your iPhone

Don't you wish you could create one great video with all the clips stored on your iPhone? Nexvio Inc. has created three simple video editing apps for your iPhone! Read on to find out more!

How To: Edit Your Photos Using Multiple Apps On The iPhone

There are so many photography apps in the App Store and yet, there is no one app that could replace them all. Why not use multiple apps for that one special photo you want to enhance and send off in an email or Facebook? Read on to find out more!