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Chris Conner

Hey There! You're looking at my bio page, so let me make tell you about myself. I have been working at AppAdvice since mid 2011 and love it here! I am rather introverted and I just love Apple stuff whether it be old or new! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to find out more about me! :)
Latest from Chris

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Garmin Updates StreetPilot App.

Garmin add a few new feature which are sure to help you on your travels.

App Store Is The Dominant Provider Of Mobile Apps (reworked)

Recent study reveals iOS users like their paid apps more than Android users do.

Reach for the ceiling, quick! Superman Reaches The App Store.

Superman lands into the App Store. No Kryptonite Tolerated.

Atari Release Asteroids: Gunner

Atari release modern version of their all time classic, Asteroids.

Swivl Stand Is Looking For You.

New base station tracks and pans to your location.

Gameloft Releases Long Anticipated Sequel, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Gameloft, developer of the amazing Modern Combat series, has now released their latest installment.

Bloomberg Joins Live News App Party

Bloomberg releases the TV+ application for the iPad.

Team17 Releases Worms Crazy Golf

Team17 has released another game. It will allow you to play the most exciting game of golf ever.

Samsung Copy iOS Screenshot In Promotional Image

With samsung trying to sue apple, have they just ruined their own case?

Twitter Gains Activity Boost Since iOS 5

Twitter CEO announces massive surge in twitter sign ups, but is it just the hype?

Google Pulls Voice App From Store

Google has pulled the Voice application from the App Store following iOS 5 crashes.

California To Celebrate October 16 As Steve Jobs Day

California has declared today Steve Jobs day to commemorate his life and career.

Sprint Explains iPhone 4S Unlocking Policy

Sprint confirms they will be unlocking iPhones, but they want you to be a good customer first.

Sprint Offer Confusing Unlock Policy

Sprint are shipping your iPhone 4S as unlocked... and then locking it.

GTA III Coming To iPhone And iPad

Rockstar will be releasing the epic open world game, Grand Theft Auto III, to "new generation" iOS devices this fall to celebrate its 10 year anniversary.