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Daniel Douvris

I have been into video games and technology ever since I was little. Before the advent of the iDevices, I was an avid gamer on the NES, Sega Genesis, and even an old Atari 2600. Since then I have owned a GameCube, Wii, and Xbox 360. I bought my first iDevice, a 3rd generation iPod touch, back in 2009 and upgraded to an iPhone 4 in 2010. Keeping up with the latest in the iOS world is one of my goals and I'm always interested in giving feedback on games. I hope you enjoy all of my articles. Email me: [email protected]
Latest from Daniel

Pocket Heroes Could Become The Ultimate Mobile Cooperative Questing Experience

Enjoy a cooperative role-playing experience on the go as you "quest with friends" and defeat bandits, wolves, ghouls, and more.

All Color Will Be Banished From The World Should You Fail To Climb This Endless Tower

A simple color switching mechanic, paired with some tricky puzzle platforming makes for quite the brain-twisting challenge.

Life As We Know It May Be Over, But Who Knew The End Would Be So Much Fun

Of all the Temple Run spin-offs, this might be the best one yet.

Master The Art Of Inertial Flight In Space And Win A Copy Of Astronaut Spacewalk

Incredibly detailed artwork and models, and a set of hardcore precision controls make this as close as you can get to spacewalking on your iPhone.

Run, Punch And Shoot Your Way Through Enemy Punks In Platoonz

This action brawler will have you unleashing your wrath on ill-mannered enemies left and right.

Now On iPhone, Kingdom Rush Could Be The Perfect Tower Defense Game

Classic tower defense gameplay with excellent level design, gorgeous artwork, and a level of control not often found in the genre.

Take To The Skies Or Stick To The Walls In The Amazing Spider-Man

Gameloft manages to bring classic Spidey-style web-slinging to iOS in a package that is approachable by casual and hardcore gamers alike.

MADFINGER Games Raises The Bar Once Again With Dead Trigger

Get ready to blast some high definition zombie brains. This first person shooter is full of non-stop action.

Toon Shooters Dazzles With Its Simple Controls And Insane Action

Kick some cartoon butt solo or with a friend. It rocks either way.

Button Mash Your Way Through Endless Hordes Of Undead In Apocalypse Knights

Play as a severely overpowered knight and sword smash your way through a never ending stream of undead demons.

Be A Hero And Stop The Shark Mafia In Fish Heroes

This game takes the best aspects of catapult-style gaming, and blends them with a fishy theme.

The Act Is An Incredibly Humorous Original Comedy Filled With Lovable Characters

Impressive hand-drawn artwork, characters brimming with personality, humorous animations, and a compelling plot, all controlled with one finger.

Trivial Provides The Perfect Blend Of Competition And Social Interaction

Game show-style questions, fun power-ups, and asynchronous online competition make this game a blast to play.

WarGames Revitalizes The Well Worn Match-3 Mechanic

Waging thermonuclear warfare will never be this fun and easy.

Save The World With Mike & Milkbox

One of the more difficult platformers out there, this game takes 2-D platforming to a new level.

Female Ninjas Take Center Stage In Akane The Kunoichi

Tricky platforming elements and hair-raising knife throwing action combine to make this game a complete blast.

Abduct Farmers, Cows And Other Farm Dwellers In Probe The Humans

If you are a fan of endless running games, you need to give this a try!

Dotard's Escape Is A Prison Break Unlike Any Other

With randomized, trap filled mazes, this game will challenge even the best of gamers.

Ichi Dazzles With Its Gameplay And Gorgeous Art Style

This puzzle game will keep you occupied for hours on end. It's unlike anything you've ever played.

VIAM Intrigues With Its Crisp Art Style And Unique Gameplay

Wrap your brain around these puzzles and you'll see just why it's called the "hardest game on the App Store."

CarDust: A Beautiful Yet Flawed Racing Game

Slippery physics, crazy power ups, and crisp visuals make this an amazing racing experience.

Prepare For Console Quality FPS Zombie Slaughtering In Dead Trigger

Take one look at the trailer and you'll be blown away. Madfinger Games is redefining mobile gaming ... again.

Affliction: Zombie Rising Immerses You In A Realistic Zombie Showdown

Prepare to fight the zombie horde in this incredible atmospheric experience.

Mega Run Brings You Back To The Woodlands In The Most Addictive Platformer Yet

This game is the definition of addictive. I'm hooked, and you will be too.