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Dave LeClair

I'm Dave LeClair, avid iPhone user, jailbreaker and all around awesome individual. Follow me on Twitter: @sideox
Latest from Dave

Apple Extends iCloud Storage Bonus For MobileMe Users From June To September

Users still lingering on MobileMe get free iCloud storage through September 2012.

Further Proof Verizon Is Pushing Potential iPhone Customers To Other Devices

Further proof that Verizon reps are steering customers to every device but the iPhone.

Slow Feeds RSS Reader Keeps Feeds From Getting Lost

Slow Feeds lets you enjoy articles from websites that aren't updated every 30 seconds.

A Whopping 60 Percent Of iOS Apps Fail To Make The Developer A Profit

Making a successful app is hard. In fact, more apps fail than succeed.

The iPhone 4S Launch Propels China To Become The Largest Smartphone Market

China has 22 percent of the world smartphone market, the United States has 16 percent.

Smoking iPhone 4S In Australia Reminds Us Of The Importance Of Authorized Repairs

A repair gone bad leads to a smoking iPhone and a reminder on the importance of proper repairs.

Jailbreak Only: Lima Is A Browser Based Cydia Alternative That Looks Promising

Could Lima be the long awaited challenger to Cydia's throne?

Jailbreak Only: AlwaysArrange Will Allow You To Move Your App Icons Instantly

AlwaysArrange is an awesome upcoming jailbreak tweak that makes your icons movable with no wiggle mode needed.

Mac App Store Hits 10,000 App Milestone 15 Months After Launch

The Mac App Store took 15 months to get there, but has finally reached 10,000 apps.

Apple Seriously Thought About Having A Physical Keyboard On The iPhone

Former Apple VP Tony Fadell says Apple seriously considered using a physical keyboard on the first iPhone.

Apple To Invest $250 Million In Oregon Data Center

Apple's new data center guarantees news jobs for Oregon residents.

Apple Facing Lawsuit For Their Entire Library Of Touch Products

Company files suit against Apple for nearly every product they produce.

Smugglers Using Empty Beer Bottles To Get iPhones Into China

Sick of smuggling iPhones where the sun don't shine? Try using a beer bottle instead!

Apple Facing Class-Action Lawsuit In Canada Over E-Book Pricing

Three lawsuits filed in Canada against Apple, one given the go ahead.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes Set To Launch Next Week

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 explodes onto your iDevice Wednesday, April 25.

Gabe Newell Says Apple CEO Tim Cook Never Met With Valve

Sorry folks, Apple and Valve are not together at long last.

Jailbreak Only: RedSn0w Updated To Version 0.9.10b7 For Mac And Windows

RedSn0w brings some awesome new features to the jailbreak community.

Filming Will Start Next Month For Steve Jobs Movie Staring Ashton Kutcher

Independent film on the life of Steve Jobs begins filming next month.

Apple Is Replacing Some White 16GB iPhone 4 Models With The iPhone 4S

In the U.S. and Canada users report swapping a broken iPhone 4 for an iPhone 4S at the Genius Bar.

Call of Duty Elite Application For Tablets Still In The Works

The ultimate Call of Duty: Elite experience is still coming to your iPad.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook Seen Hanging Around Valve's Headquarters

Tim Cook stops by Valve's headquarters.

Start The Rockets! Is An Interesting New Puzzle Game

Start The Rockets! is a new, addictive puzzle game available in the App Store.

Aerial Images Of Apple's Fuel Cell And Solar Farm Emerge

Apple works on two facilites to power 10 percent of their massive data center.

Get Ready To Nerdgasm: Magic The Gathering Coming To iPad

Magic: The Gathering Duels Of The Planewalkers 2013 coming soon to an iPad near you.