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David Foster

Scientist. Photographer. Writer.
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Review: Evernote - Never Forget

What is green and has an elephant all over it? The answer to this riddle is no mystery if you're fortunate enough to have discovered Evernote, the ‘remember everything’ app whose icon, a green colored elephant in side-profile, can be installed on both your desktop computer and iOS device. Once there, just like an elephant, Evernote never forgets.

Review: FileMaker Go for iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad

Although hundreds of new iOS apps appear every day, apps capable of transforming our handheld devices into nearly indispensable, mobile business tools come along far less frequently. FileMaker Go, recently released by Apple's subsidiary, FileMaker, Inc., is just such a game-changer, providing professionals and small business users a way to access and edit data while on the go.

Opinion: Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field Clashes With AntennaGate

Now that enough time has passed for Steve Jobs infamous reality distortion field to dissipate, what do we think about the cold hard “data” that Jobs presented at last Friday's antennagate press conference. It's great that Apple's decided to pass out bumpers and cases to everyone afflicted with poor reception when holding their naked phones, but why didn't Apple see the freight train of negative press called antennagate coming?