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Latest from DM

Apple's Online Find My Mac Feature

Find My Mac will let you locate, lock and remotely wipe your Mac if it's lost or stolen. And it's free!

Geek Gift: iOS-Flavored Cufflinks

New iOS cufflinks add a touch of nerd cred to your high-pressure business dealings.

Google Helps You Make Mobile Sites

If you use Google Sites, you'll be pleased to note that the service can now automatically create mobile versions of your Web pages.

Marathon, A Mac Classic, Is Coming To iPad

Marathon first appeared on the scene in 1994 as a Mac exclusive, bringing with it several big ideas that would forever redefine the shooter genre. Now, it's headed to the iPad-- for free.

Now iOS 5 Can Update Over 3G

Good news for those who travel a lot, iOS 5's over-the-air update feature will work over your carrier's 3G network, not just Wi-Fi. That means easy and PC-free updates, wherever you are.

Exfm Makes It Easy To Find And Access New Music

Exfm’s 50,000+ users will be thrilled to hear that an iOS app for the service has finally been launched.

PogoPlug Update Adds Features, Fixes and Speed

The PogoPlug update for iOS fixes many bugs, improves search speed, and adds OneView, a neat feature that automatically hides any duplicate content across your array of shared drives. Couple this with video optimizations for iPhone and iPad, and you've got your very own iCloud.

Apple's Scroll Patent: Good, But Not A Game-Changer

Apple's new "internal scrolling" patent isn't as big of a deal as some people are saying, but it's another well-deserved bit of protection for iPhone intellectual property.

WakeMate 2.0 Is Sleek and Simple

WakeMate's 2.0 update streamlines and refines several of its key features.

Can iCloud Resurrect Your Old MobileMe Accounts?

Now, without having to pay a cent, you'll be able to re-access all your expired email, storage and calendar accounts. Even better, they actually work right now, if you have iCloud-capable software (such as a beta of iOS 5 or OS X Lion).

Do@: Is This The Future Of Mobile Search?

Do@ is a totally new kind of search engine; designed from the ground up to be mobile.

Apple Patent: A Cross-Platform Word Processor?

A new Apple patent reveals a resolution and platform independent online document engine. Could it be enough to shake up Google Docs?

Get GPS On Your Wi-Fi iPad, With AirLocation

AirLocation works with Personal Hotspot to give your iPad GPS data. Is it a worthwhile investment?

Get Better Sleep With Your iPhone And Win A Free WakeMate

Though not without flaws, WakeMate is an impressive set of technologies that really do help you get more mileage out of less sleep. We're giving one away, read on for details!

Jailbreak Only: Make Your iPhone Stand Out with Dreamboard

Want to play around with new themes for your iPhone, but afraid to get your hands dirty? The new Dreamboard is a great way to browse and install new looks for your iPhone. Of course, you'll need to jailbreak first.

Apple Patent: Tiny Keyboards That Type For You

We've found another wild Apple patent for you. While chances are good that this one will never see the light of day, it's, pretty unbelievable. It's also weirder than Apple usually gets, even at their most outlandish.

Email It Later: Never Forget To Send A Message Again

Take back control of when your emails get sent with Email It Later.

QuickWordPress: The Fastest Way to Blog

Ever found it difficult or downright scary to blog straight from your WordPress page on an iPad? We have the solution.

What's This About The iPhone Being "Dead"?

An article published on April 2nd declared iPhone "dead in the water" as a result of Android's crushing momentum. A claim we had to debunk.

What Tree Is That? Leafsnap Tells You In Seconds

Here's something I thought we'd never see: leaf recognition, via the iPhone's camera.

Get Paid For Taking Pictures With Your iPhone

I know what you’re thinking. “Yeah, right.” It sure sounds like a scam, doesn’t it? But soon, you may in fact be getting paid— just for having your iPhone in the right place at the right time.

Microsoft Courier To Land On The iPad - For Real

Where were you when you heard that Microsoft killed the Courier? Fear not: a cousin of Microsoft’s quirky, offbeat and unspeakably-cool digital notebook project is back— and on iPad, no less.

Fone: Facebook Phone Calls, For Free

A slick new VoIP app lets you call your Facebook friends without using your cell phone minutes, anywhere in the world. It’s as easy to use as chat, and now, it’s free.

Meet Your Next Notebook: ThinkBook for iPad

Time has come for you to get a proper note taking app. Here it is.