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Eric Bodrero

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New AppList: Sports Games For Doodle Fans

If you like sports games and doodle games then you are what is known as a "spoodle gamer", or "Spoodler" for short. Actually, I just made that up, but check out this list if you find doodle art and sports games irresistible.

New AppGuide: Best Pool Games

Rack your balls and chalk your stick, it's time for some ball-cracking, stick-poking fun with everybody's favorite game: Pool!

New AppList: Apps To Fight Depression

Depression can indeed be a life-altering condition, but it doesn't need to be in charge of your every minute. Try these apps and see how easy it can be to alter your thought processes and get back some control over your depression.

New AppList: Apps For Total Body Fitness

Dr. Pepper and Twinkies got you down? Get these apps and get in shape with a total body workout that will make you the epitome of healthy.

New AppGuide: Best Classic Pinball Apps

There are a lot of pinball games in the app store. Don't get bumped around trying to find the best ones. Use this guide instead and spend more time playing your favorite genre.

New AppGuide: Best Virtual Pond And Aquarium Apps

Don't swim around the app store too long looking for virtual fish. Check out this guide and cut right to the chase with a selection of virtual ponds and aquariums.

New AppList: The Best Nature Field Guides

Go hiking, camping, canoeing, backpacking, or stargazing without dragging 150 pounds of nature guides behind you. With these excellent field guides on your iPhone or other iDevice, you'll have everything you need to observe birds, mammals, fish, insects, trees, rocks, stars, and flowers right in your pocket, without the bulk.

New AppGuide: Best English Dictionary Apps

Trying to decipher just what dictionary from the hundreds in the app store to choose? Let this AppGuide help you define your perfect companion dictionary on your iDevice.

New AppGuide: Best Word Search Games For iPad

Rediscover your love for word searches with these apps for the iPad.

New AppGuide: Apps For Tracking Hurricanes

Ahh, hurricane season! For those of us in relatively safe zones it's a time to pick up the hobby again. For those on the coasts, it's time to start hoarding plywood at Home Depot. Regardless, use these apps to know when and where the next one will strike.

New AppGuide: Apps For Stargazers

Spending the night looking at stars? Bring these apps along and you will be a superstar to the rest of your party.

New AppGuide: Earthquake Apps

Just because you live in a less seismologically active area doesn't mean your friends do, and it doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared when a big one hits. Know exactly where that tremor took place with these cool apps.

New AppList: Auto Preparedness Toolbox

Whether it is fixing a flat tire or calling a repair shop, these apps have you covered. See how these apps can save you when you break down in the middle of nowhere.