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Emily Becker

Emily Becker is a freelance writer who writes about music and food when she isn't reviewing apps. Her work has appeared in The Huffington Post, PopMatters, and Venus Zine. She lives outside of Buffalo, NY with her husband and two children.
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Pop Some Bubbles, Kill Some Time With Fling A Thing

Fling a Thing takes a minute to learn and two minutes to master.

Learn A New Language With Japanese Phrases & Lessons, Plus A Chance To Win

Japanese Phrases & Lessons covers pronunciation, grammar, and the differences between katakana, hiragana, and kanji.

Machinarium Arrives And It's Phenomenal - Plus A Chance To Win!

This puzzling adventure game was difficult to predict and hard to put down because there was no telling what our robot hero would encounter next.

PURE FLOW Turns GPS Noise Into Art, Right In The Palm Of Your Hand

PURE FLOW demonstrates that art is everywhere, even in the invisible signals that surround us each day.

Spice Up Dinner With Some Help From Favorite Recipes On iPhone, Plus A Chance To Win A Copy!

Favorite Recipes has everything an iPhone-toting foodie could want in an mobile culinary application, and it's priced right.

Get Smarter With HowStuffWorks For iPad's experts know it all. Get the new native iPad app and keep learning no matter which iDevice you own.

Surf, Chat, And Stream Video With Apollo: Browser+Facebook Chat For iPad

Chat on Facebook, surf the web, stream video, and catch up on Google Reader with Apollo:Browser+Facebook chat.

Keep Your Secrets Safe, But Handy, With PrivateInfo-HD

Never forget another password or anything else important with PrivateInfo HD.

DocAS Updated To Support Dropbox, Comment To Win A Copy

The developers of DocAS want it to be a replacement app for GoodReader and Notes Plus. Will version 2.0 measure up?

Crazy For Whac-A-Mole? Try Dogs Vs. Squirrels For iPad

Dogs vs. Squirrels offers fast-paced gameplay that will test hand-eye coordination. How long will it take before dogs and squirrels begin to look alike?

Sad Comics' Dour Tales Will Bring Happiness To Maudlin Readers, Win A Copy And See

Sad Comics innovative graphic tales are a welcome addition to the iPad comics oeuvre.

Hello Kitty Checkers Is An Adorable Twist On A Classic Game, And A Chance To Win A Copy!

Sanrio fans will love this easy-to-play digital version of the classic board game.

Kristin Hersh Brings Talent To iPad Book For Kids

Meet Toby Snax and His Mama. Mama Wants To Travel. Toby Has Other Ideas.

Syncellence Performs iOS Sync Duties, But It Isn't Pretty

Warning: Syncellence fails to live up to its name. This app may create dissonant indifference in some users.

Organizer HD: It's A Digital Daytimer And A Time Waster!

Organizer HD creates impressive calendar pages, but the time it takes to make them renders the app impractical for daily use.

New 8BIT Studio Brings Circuit Bent Synths to iPhone -- Comment to Win a Copy!

Dream up glitchy sounds with this circuit bending 8-bit synth, and Daft Punk will (almost) be playing at your house.

Quickadvice: P5P Sketch Generator Is Part Math Nerd, Part Beauty Queen

Imagine that the Spirograph and the Etch A Sketch had a love child. Meet P5P, a generative sketching app for iPhone and iPad.

Help Pendleton Penguin Return To His Friends In Ice Tales

The evil Queen Maura captured all of Pendleton Penguin's friends to work in her nefarious garden. Now it is up to Pendleton and you to help him save his friends in this arcade-style maze game.

Animatronic Einstein Reads Practically Any English Text

Memorization need never be boring again with Say it! Albert Genius HD. Both practical and whimsical, this text-to-speech app promises to amuse and assist a wide range of iPad users.