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Hannah Camacho

Is a stay-at-home mom with a degree in Speech Communications Education. She loves her husband, kids and loves to write. She is often found with an iOS device in hand using apps for everything from educating my kids to cooking. Hannah is the the techie contributor for the Denver Post's Mile High Mamas and founder of, a site that focuses more on educational and kid-friendly apps. She is also the creator of, a site that helps developers improve their apps and get the word out about what their app has to offer.
Latest from Hannah

Math Dictionary For Kids Is A Homework Hero

If parents find that their knowledge of elementary and middle school math terms has become a bit rusty, this app is a sanity saver.

iHomework Keeps Students Organized And On Task

Struggle staying on top of all your school related projects, due dates, tests and meetings? iHomework is an all-in-one solution to student's school-related needs.

Peapod Labs Pairs Two Kids' Favorites: Food And ABC's

Peapod Labs proves that it's ok for kids to play with their food. Well, at least virtual food.

Help DEO Navigate Rotating Tundra And Bring His World Back To Life

DEO is a physics-based jumping game that will challenge anyone who thinks they've conquered tapping controls. Get this cute little, red furball to safety and help him restore life to his galaxy.

The Perfect Learning App For Tiny Fingers

This apps provides a visually stimulating interface for babies and children with special needs while teaching words and some fine motor skills.

Stay On Budget And Keep Your Bartender Honest

This app sets you free to have a good time on your night out and saves you from constantly worrying about your final bill or whether you're being charged the right amount at the end of the night.

Pocket Zoo Gets Bigger And Better Than Ever!

Pocket Zoo HD is the perfect rainy day zoo alternative and to celebrate the launch, the developer has partnered with us for a giveaway!

Geom-e-Twee Gets A Colorful Update

The app that's been helping kids learn to love geometry is now better than ever with. Now it offers up a range of colors and themes!

Poko Helps Your Pre-K Child Prepare For Basic Math

If you're looking to make your little one's first experiences with math fun, interesting and easy-to-grasp, Poko is here to help.

BiteHunter Saves You Time And Money

Do you find yourself wasting time on restaurant deal sites trying to find local eateries offering discounts? BiteHunter can do all that work for you and will save you a lot of time and money.

Bugsy Gets A Big Update And Is Better Than Ever

Bugsy Pre-K is the most charming hamster in the app store and he'll have your little one excited about learning in no time.

This Delicious Fun Leaves Kids Without A Sugar High

This app is finger-licking goodness for kids. The best part is, there are no sugar highs afterward.

Dodo Is Bummed He Can't Fly, So He Tries His Own Version Of Soaring

Dodo may be extinct on earth, but now he can live on in the comfort of your iPhone. Oh, and he wants you to help him and his family achieve something similar to flight.

This App Will Help Your Preschooler Learn Animal Names

This educational app for kids can help them learn to associate animals with their name. The perfect game for kids who are animal lovers.

Snag Photos Of Anyone Who Unlocks Your Phone

If you think someone is getting into your phone when you are not looking, this app can help you identify the culprit.

Airport Mania 2 Proves As Fun As Its Predecessors

If you are great at multitasking, you will love keeping these adorable planes on task.

Jelly Bear Is A Tasty Treat For Your Eyes

If you have fast fingers, you'll enjoy matching color sets as fast as you can in this charming game. Earn bombs and more to boost your score.

Socialites Will Love This GPS App For Keeping Track Of Workouts

Need friends to help keep you motivated for your workouts? This app makes it easy.

Firehouse Adventure Mixes Fun And Learning Well

Got a preschooler that can't get enough of fire engines? This app lets them virtually accomplish everyday firefighter duties.

AlphaTots Pocket Is Finally Here - And We've Got Promo Codes

The alphabet app which became a hit for iPad users is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Enter for a chance to win!

Musical Me! Entertains And Educates

It's colorful, it's fun and it's educational. What more could a kid want?

This Clever Puzzler Will Hook You From The Start

Clever Buttons is a uniquely-themed puzzler you will not want to put down.

Board Game Junkies Will Not Be Disappointed With The App Version Of Ticket To Ride

Ticket To Ride is already a blast on the iPad and is getting even better with an update coming soon.

Get A Quick List Of Allergen-Free Foods Some Restaurant Chains Serve

Dining out can be a real pain for people who must avoid certain foods due to life-threatening allergic reactions that may occur. This app acts as a restaurant menu guide for people wanting to know which menu items they can eat.