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Hayden Wreyford

Hayden is a professional graphic designer and musician from the Atlanta suburbs with a deep admiration of all things technological, which naturally includes Apple's iDevices. When he is not designing cool stuff or writing/editing for AppAdvice, he enjoys playing guitar for local churches, laughing with friends, and loving his wife and two young boys.
Latest from Hayden

Review: Voice Tutor

Voice tutor is a brand new app currently on Apple's "Featured Apps" section. Voice Tutor touts an ability to improve your singing "no matter what kind of voice you have, or how long you've been singing". I took Voice Tutor for a spin to see just what it's all about.

Wait! You May Already Own an iPhone 4 Dock!

If you recently placed an order for Apple's $30 iPhone 4 dock, you may want to reconsider. It turns out that an ideal iPhone 4 dock may be much cheaper, or better yet...already be sitting in one of your dusty drawers!

Apple, AT&T and You: Some Perspective on AT&T's New Data Plans

AT&T has a problem. Therefore, Apple has a problem. Therefore, all of us iPhone addicts have a problem. What do the new AT&T data limits mean for us, and what hope do we have that things won't get any worse?

WWDC 2010: The Announcements We Did Not See

We heard some great iPhone and app news at today's WWDC, but now that the dust has settled, I'm raising the question about the items we had really hoped for, but did not see.

Review: GuitarToolkit

If you are a guitar player or play nearly any stringed instrument, this app just might be the "must have" app that you didn't know existed. Read on to find out how GuitarToolkit easily replaces over $100 worth of music tools with a $10 iPhone app!

iPad: All Sizzle and No Bacon?

Call me a buzzkill, but I seem to be one of the few who think the iPad just doesn't quite fit into my life. Whether you agree or disagree, find out why I think the iPad announcement today was hardly revolutionary...or even exciting.

Review: CoPilot Live

CoPilot Live offers a less expensive alternative to current App Store navigation apps, but the lack of standard iPhone user interface elements or intuitive menus is glaring and possibly a deal-breaker.

Review: Lyrics+

Lyrics+ is a convenient app that finds song lyrics for you. It even integrates with your iPod library to play songs and display their lyrics. It sounds handy, but is it worth the $2 price tag? Read on to find out!

Review: MobileNavigator Traffic Live

MobileNavigator has released Traffic Live as an in-app add on. We took it for a test drive this afternoon in the heart of rush hour traffic. See what we found out!

Review: CompareMe Shopping Utility

Attention penny-pinchers: Do you need a utility app to do the math for you when comparing product prices? If so, CompareMe could be the app for you. Read on!

Review: Mobicip Safe Browser

The iPhone and iPod Touch are sure to top kids' Christmas lists this season, but if giving them a high-tech, internet capable device makes you nervous, you need to know about Mobicip. I kick it around for you to see if it holds up! Check out the review!

Review: AutoStitch

There are several panorama apps in the App Store, but AutoStitch stands out among its competitors even though its feature set is less robust. Find out why I think it's a better app!

Review: GoSatWatch

You won't find GoSatWatch on any of the Top 25 Lists, but it's hands down one of the coolest apps on the App Store! Find out why in this review!

Review: MobileNavigator

MobileNavigator is gaining attention as a legit turn-by-turn navigation app for the iPhone, but how does it stand against a dedicated GPS unit like the Garmin Nüvi 360? I take them both on the road to find out!

Review: RedLaser

RedLaser is currently one of the hottest "paid" apps on the App Store. I took it for a test drive at a local big box retailer to see if it lives up to the hype!