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Latest from Ian

17 Best iPhone Hidden Gems From Five Months Of Searching

I've brought you more than 70 hidden gems in the last five months and tested countless more than never made the cut. These are the best.

The Ultracompetitive App Store Market [Hidden Gems]

Has your homescreen changed in the last six months?

Hidden Gems: Sudoku, Push Gmail, Streaming Music And The Biggest Moneysaver Ever

The apps this week are among the most impressive apps I've seen for iPhone.

Can Facebook Deliver A Second iPhone App Store? [UPDATE]

Facebook 3.0 brings a ton of great new features, but could it also bring the biggest feature to hit the iPhone since the App Store - a second App Store?

BREAKING: Facebook For iPhone 3.0 Now In The App Store

Facebook 3.0 is populating the App Store now.

3 Hidden Gems You Have To Pay For

Most apps in the Hidden Gems column are free. This week, though, it's just Simplenote, Newsstand and Mover+ and they're Must-have apps. Let me tell you why.

5 Apps For Artists And Looking For More [New Applist]

We've nailed some of the most useful Apps For Artists in our newest Applist, but I'm sure there are more out there. Help us out and let us know: what apps do you use to create art?

First Look: Facebook 3.0

First impressions of Facebook for iPhone 3.0, currently awaiting Apple's approval.

9 Apps For Back To School [New Applist]

No matter the class or what grade you're in, if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch there are some great apps to help get through the term in one piece.

Mover+: Share Photos, Text, Bookmarks and Contacts From One iPhone To Another

Paid version of Mover enables Peer-to-Peer Bluetooth sharing.

9 Apps For News Junkies [New Applist]

There are lots of ways to consume the news on iPhone and our newest applist should help you find a way that fit your needs.

Twitter And Facebook Apps, Even More Twitter and Facebook Apps - And Some Other Hidden Gems

In this week's hidden gems: Tons of Twitter and Facebook friendly apps, an easy way to find the definition to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, how to avoid waiting on the phone and a good video app. Click here to find out more...

Win All Bidding Wars Thanks To Ebay With Push Notifications

Ebay update sends a Push Notification when you're outbid.

8 Great Apps For Your First iPhone [New Applist]

Our Fresh Out Of The Box Applist is perfect for the new iPhone owners out there. Most of the apps on the list are free and can be downloaded in seconds.

What Steve Jobs (Probably) Has To Say About The App Store Problems

We were tired of Apple's silence about the problems with the App Store, so I decided to write a letter from Steve Jobs.

New Applist: Apps For The Great Outdoors

Whether you're hiking, biking, surfing, skiing, birding, skywatching or doing basically anything outdoors - it's on our Applist.

Review: DrinkTracker Breathalyzer

So you're going out for a night of drinking. Good news, you have an iPhone! You can track just how drunk you are with a BAC calculator. But Is DrinkTracker the app to go with?

New Applist For Twitter Apps With Push Notifications

Our definitive Push Notification Applist has become a monster of a list with well over 50 apps on it and more being added almost every day. To help manage the insanity we've launched a separate Twitter Push Applist with all the Twitter apps featuring Push Notifications.

Apple Bans Developer And 943 Of His Apps

It's time to hear from Steve Jobs himself about Apple's policies for rejection and whether the iPhone should be an open platform.

Chillingo Releases Screenshots Of Inkvaders, A Zombieville Look-alike

Chillingo game should be submitted to Apple within a few weeks.