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Jared Erondu

Jared is a web designer with a passion for writing. He covers design focused startups, projects, and people over at <a href="">The Industry</a>. In the fewest words possible, he loves making things. That will be all, naturally.
Latest from Jared

Square Is Becoming The Common Way To Accept Credit Cards

Square, just recently updated last week, is finally getting around. If you have no idea what the app is, it finally gives smartphone users the ability the accept credit card transactions. The idea is amazing and it has definitely caught on. The only problem that people who wanted to try swiping their card had was the few number of users. Not anymore.

European Court Bans Samsung Smartphones

It appears that Apple is as good a player in court as they are in the consumer electronics marketplace. As reported by FOSSpatents, Apple won a primary injunction against Samsung this morning in the Netherlands, banning them from selling the Galaxy smartphone in all of Europe.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries App Lets You Order From iDevice

If you like burgers and fries, then you'll definitely like Five Guys. However, you might not like waiting in line. Unless,of course, you like smelling the burgers from a distance. For those who would prefer to just walk in and walk out, Five Guys just released a free universal app just for you.

Reminder: Apps For Earthquakes

If you are near the U.S. east coast, then you might have felt the recent 5.9 earthquake that struck Virginia at 1:51 pm. Thankfully, while it scared many east coaster not used to the phenomenon, the damage was minimal. Either way, we thought it was a good occasion to remind you about our selection of apps for earthquakes, so you're better prepared next time:

Combine Multiple Documents Together As PDFs With PDF PROvider

How many times have you found yourself with documents that you forgot to convert to a PDF? Or you remember the important step, but weren't sure how to merge several documents into a single PDF. Well, the people from Dar-Soft not only found a solution, but found a solution for your iPad.

Best Buy Selling iPhone 3GS For Free Today, With A Contract

The words iPhone and free are rarely found in the same sentence. When they are, the word free is usually referring to an app like iBooks. However, Best Buy is making such a sentence possible by preparing to offer iPhone 3GS for free — with a two year contract of course.

Snooze App Donates To Charity Every Time You Tap Snooze Button

When was the last time you went to bed late and woke up to that annoying alarm on your not so annoying iPhone? Did you tap the snooze button? Of course you did. By doing so you missed that important job interview or missed your class. Well, the Snooze app isn't going to teleport you to where you need to be, but it sure will take away some of the guilt you feel (or should feel) when you tap that shiny button.

Angry Birds Rio 1.3 Brings New Levels And Achievements

A few words to let you know that the very popular Rio-theme Angry Birds spin-off game just got an update and an addition round of levels.

Apple's New Campus Might Be The Home Of The iPhone ... 9?

Apple is preparing for a reboot! The Cupertino company known for putting time into the aesthetic nature of their products is planning a massive design for their new Silicon Valley campus. Bigger than the U.S. Pentagon massive! Steve Jobs sent the design renderings to the Cupertino City Council back in June and they were approved. Apple is preparing for construction and we are now getting a glimpse into their soon to come mother ship.

AT&T To Drop $10 Text Messaging Plan: Good Thing We'll Have iMessage

AT&T has done it again. Adding and ending their data and messaging plan options has become a pastime. This is no different.

Rumor: British Carrier O2 Clearing Inventory For iPhone 5

O2, a British network provider, has notified their UK retail stores that they will be carrying out a three-week process to swap the old iPhone stock with new stock in order to get ready for the release of Apple’s next iteration of the beloved smartphone.

Elements 2 Brings New UI And More Text Editing Features

Elements, one of the first apps to bring Dropbox text editing to the iPad, and now one of the most popular, just got an amazing update.

TinyChat Lets You Video Call Up To 12 Facebook Friends Right From Your iPhone

Want to connect through video with your Facebook friends? Don't wait on Facebook, there is now an app for that.

Apple Patents The SIM-less iPhone

Apple has patented an idea that might, if implemented, would be a huge benefit to iOS users.

Unconfirmed: Apple Fall Event To Take Place Early September — New iDevices, iCloud And iOS 5

If you believe MacRumors this morning, Apple will be holding this year's much anticipated fall event on Wednesday, September 7.

Apple's iOS 5 Update File Says Beta 6 Is Coming Very Soon

According to a change in an iOS file spotted by, Apple has set Thursday, August 18 as the release date for iOS 5 beta 6.

Pocket God Reaches Update Number 40, Battle Of The Gods

Updates, updates, updates. We see them pop up all the time. In fact, as I write this I have four available, and Pocket God is one of them. I don't really keep track of the numerous updates (though AppAdvice does), but I’m guessing Pocket God probably has more than any other app, clocking in at number 40 with an episode called, Battle of the Gods.

Infographic: How Students Use Apps And Technology

Students, the technological revolution, and the iPad. A great infographic.

Kno Brings New Features To iPad And Textbooks To Facebook

If you are always looking for a way to lighten up your school book-bag, it you would in your best interest to get an iPad and get Kno. With over 100,000 school textbooks, Kno is making learning easier and portable. Now, their newest endeavor is to bring the game changing iPad app to Facebook. The textbooks will be readable through a FB app via an HTML5 reader. Students could then sync their reading progress between their iPad and Facebook and post study questions or comments to their news feeds.

This May Be Your Next iPhone: Design Concept Roundup

When a new iDevice is due for a refresh, you can expect a storm of photos from around the world claiming to be the new design. From people just looking for attention, to others who really think they're a part of Apple's design team, concepts hit us one by one. Now that the iPhone 5 release is soon approaching, we've decided to present the best from all the wannabe iPhone designers.

Verizon Is Also Said To Be Stopping Jailbreak Tethering ... Today?

Recently, AT&T was reported to be tightening its policy on users who tether for free by jailbreaking their devices. Now it seems that Verizon is following in their footsteps. The only difference is that they are planning to take action and it could be as soon as today.

Atlanta Restaurant Runs Business With iPads

When was the last time that you went to restaurant and had to deal with rude waitresses and a slow valet? When dining out turned from a relaxing diversion to a stressful occasion? At the "Do At The View" restaurant in Atlanta, GA, such a day hasn't occurred — ever.

Apple Takes Steps Against Developers Selling iOS 5 Access: What You Need To Know

The fifth iteration of iOS, is almost here, but some people just can't wait for it. At WWDC 2011, Apple gave developers access to the newest iOS betas. However, some developers took this as an opportunity to get some extra pocket change by selling slots to people for early access.