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Latest from Jason

Review: Framerz

Take a picture and frame it too! Think you got what it takes to be the newest "playa" sensation? Click here to read more!

Review: Orion's Belt

To all the shooters fans out there, are you guys and gals tired of being captains of spaceships that look like merely a green arrow? How about the repetitive game plays that almost every shooter offers - dodging a million missiles constantly fired by your enemy while you're constantly firing a stream of yellow dots back at them! Well, now's your chance to take control! This game will leave you breathless (in a good way) and coming back for more! Read on to find out more!

Review: iVoiceDialIt

Have you ever been cruising on the freeway when you realized that you forgot to make that one oh-so-important call? So, what do you do? Frenetically select a contact from your phone and hope it's the right one, or randomly dial away and hope that you don't make an international phone call? iVoiceDialIt may just be that third hand you wish you had! With its simple interface, you can dial virtually hands free! Read on to find out more!