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Jay B. Siegel

Latest from Jay B.

iPhone & iPad Review: Dungeon Hunter

Dungeon Hunter is a hack-and-slash style role-playing adventure reminiscent of the classic Diablo. The graphics for both the iPhone and iPad version are great. Read my review to see if the gameplay is as good as those graphics and whether it is a worthy successor to Diablo.

Review: Todo for iPad

Todo for iPad lets you keep your busy life organized while utilizing three major categories of task type. There are an additional five task types to further aid in organization. Todo for iPad allows for easy synchronization and makes it simple to be notified of task deadlines. Todo for iPad can reduce stress in your life by helping you to stay organized.

Review: Gun Builder

Create customized versions of the Desert Eagle, Heckler & Koch MP5, AR-15 and a shotgun. Customization includes colors, grips, scopes, engraving and more. After you've created them save them to your gun rack and shoot them on the range.