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Jeff Yue

Latest from Jeff

Review: Catacombs

A dual-stick shooter that tries to emulate the gameplay of the classic Gauntlet game. Does it do well, or is it just an endless, bland survival game?

Review: Zenonia 2

The original Zenonia was a very lengthy RPG that many enjoyed. Now it's successor is here, bringing many new additions to the table.

Review: Caligo Chaser

Com2uS has just released their own sidescrolling hack 'n slash RPG. Hybrid: Eternal Whisper may have a serious competitor now.

Review: Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front

The sequel to Gameloft's Brothers In Arms® Hour of Heroes is here with a first person view and improved graphics.

Review: Street Fighter IV

The classic fighting and action game, Street Fighter, is out for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Is it worth $9.99, or is the price based on the Street Fighter name? Overall how does it stack up?

Review: Raging Thunder 2

If you are interested in high-speed and action-driven racing, Raging Thunder 2 is a game you should consider.

Review: DOOM Classic

DOOM has a cult following, and the classic game is now here. Is it fun, or does it doom itself?