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Kane Poehlman

I'm an App Review Writer here at AppAdvice. A huge tech and sports enthusiast. Apples over Oranges (I mean Windows). I'm a kid at heart who still plays video games way too much. I social network. And in case you were wondering, I put my pants on one leg at a time. Email: [email protected] | GameCenter: kanepoehlman
Latest from Kane

Wreak Havoc As A Zombie In Zombie Carnaval

Zombies are upset and wreaking havoc in the city streets. Swallow as many civilians as possible and complete missions.

Rock(s) Rider: Dirt Bike Racing With Attitude

Race to the finish line as fast as you can, while performing tricks to earn loads of cash.

Memorize The Patterns And Play Matchmaker In Tiamat

Memorize ball patterns and colors to clear them from the board by matching.

Dragon Evolution: Become The Chuck Norris Of Dragons

Control a dragon, earn experience points, and learn new skills and abilities. Help him retrieve his stolen eggs.

Don't Be Afraid Of Heights In Chin Up

Travel worldwide as a construction worker who needs to escape falling objects, while balancing on a beam.

Hang Out With Mr. Potino

Guess the hidden word, earn stars, and dress Mr. Potino, the marionette.

Fotor - Camerabag: Easy Photography With Great Results

Tons of filters, an enhanced camera, color splash, and much more!

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II: Bring Out Your Inner Hedgehog

Sonic has incorporated Retina display graphics to go along with its already awesome gameplay.

Help The Sheep Escape The Toy Box In Sheep Up!

Bounce this sheep out of the cardboard toy box and into freedom.

Save Your Friendly Rodents In Furacity

Help Lincoln save his captive friends from the ill-mannered rodent gang run by Whiskers.

Teeny Green: A Brave Little Blob

Help Teeny Green retrieve his stolen golden star from the greedy Onicrons in this unique and exciting puzzle game.

Escape The Cops In Drive And Jump

Drive and jump this car around obstacles, while collecting moneybags. Oh yeah, the cops are on your tail too.

Plushy Warfare: Become Rambo Bear

Unleash furry mayhem with this shooter. Purchase new guns, items, and customize your bear.

Fly Sky High In MiniFlyer

Keep your jet pack flying by collecting coins and items. Don't let gravity pull you back down to earth.

Protect The Innocent In Airport Scanner

Join the TSA! Scan airport luggage, punish criminals, and upgrade your equipment. This fast-paced game will have you protecting civilians for hours.

Pocket Poet: Become A True Wordsmith

Pocket Poet will create perfect poems for those special moments. Give the gift of a poem and watch your loved ones smile brightly.

Alien20 Pilot: Get Your Head In The Game Literally

Using facial recognition software and your front facing camera, movement is controlled by your head in this game.

Aby Escape: The Converse Wearing Raccoon

Help Aby escape these bad guys and police officers who are trying to capture her. Give her freedom!

Hit The Slopes With Ski Safari

Hit the slopes, ride animals, dodge obstacles, and watch out for the avalanche chasing after you. If you like Tiny Wings, you'll love this winter treat.

Pick Your Side In Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

Capcom has released another installment to the classic series. Select your characters, jump into a match, and start kickin' some butt.

Watch Out For Your Sweet Tooth In Chainsaw Princess

The not-so-sweet trolls have invaded Magicandia and the princess needs to escape. Can you help her?

Going Up With Towers

Can you help Jack reach the top of the towers?

Play Matchmaker In Colorgon

Rotate the hexagons to match the colored edges to solve the puzzle, then challenge your friends to beat your best times.

Be Your Own DJ In Music Hits Jukebox PRO

This music package combines iTunes, YouTube, and Wikipedia and let’s you customize the jukebox to your liking. Listen to hits dating back to the 1940s!