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Kiet Chieng

Latest from Kiet

Save The Princess! Super Mario World On Jailbroken iPad

Need a reason to jailbreak that new iPad? Play Super Mario World using your Wiimote on Apple's new tablet.

Analyst: iPad Deal To Delay Verizon iPhone to 2011

Based on AT&T's exclusive deal and very attractive 3G data plans for Apple's 3G iPad, one analyst believes we won't see a Verizon iPhone until next year.

iPhone Accelerometer + Cool 3D Graphics = Awesome FixPix Game

Developer eBoy has created a visually dazzling game that combines incredible 3D graphics with eye catching images reminiscent of games of the 8bit era.

Italian Site iSpazio Gives Us A Peek At Next Gen iPhone Frame And Screen

Italian blog site iSpazio adds fuel to the iPhone rumor fire with exclusive looks at what the next gen iPhone may look like.

Clamcase: For When You Really Need To Convert Your iPad To A Netbook

Clamcase combines a keyboard, case and iPad stand all into one ultra portable design to transform your iPad into a netbook.

HD Recording Coming To Next iPhone?

Our summer home videos shot with our next gen iPhone may be sporting some high definition crispness.

Visa Plans To Allow Payments By Swiping Your iPhone

Coming soon, the iPhone will be able to perform multitasking duties as not only your phone but also as a Visa credit card.

Converse Transforms Your iPhone Into A 2 Way Foreign Language Communicator

Communicating with friends from foreign lands will soon be as easy as typing on a shared iPhone screen with the upcoming release of Converse.

Forget The Magic 8 Ball: Opinionaided Offers Real Advice

iPhone users finding themselves to be a bit indecisive need not go any further than the new crowd sourcing application Opinionaided.

Dropbox Arrives For The iPad

Popular cloud storage service Dropbox makes its way to Apple's tablet for easy on the go access of your most important files and documents. Tracks Down iPhone Prototype Seller

The man at the center of the next gen iPhone leak scandal has been identified.

iPhone + iPad = Coolest Way to Drive A Car With Padracer

The new racing game Padracer promises to give you a driving experience like none other using your iPhone as a steering wheel and your iPad as your track.

Next Gen iPhone Camera In Production, To Sport 5 MegaPixels

iPhone 4 camera rumors kick off the countdown to June 7th. A Korean newspaper reports on the next gen's upgraded camera.

Don't Hold Your Breath For iPhone Tethering

It's been nearly a year since tethering was announced for the iPhone. Where do we stand with AT&T's promise to deliver on their network?

AT&T Unveils New MicroSIMs For iPad 3G, Possibly Next iPhone

The iPad 3G introduces a new, smaller SIM card from AT&T. One that may also power the next generation iPhone.

AT&T Offers Up All The Details On Data Plans For iPad 3G

Want something to do while waiting and tracking your iPad 3G shipment? Check out the full details on AT&T's data plans for that new shiny iPad.

Tweetie Creator Helps Us Save On Texting With Textie

Textie aims to curb your text messaging costs by offering another a free alternative that works with most mobile numbers in the US.

Twitter For iPhone Is One Tweetie Update Away

Tweetie's final update as a paid app includes a surprise Easter Egg message preparing us for the arrival of the official Twitter app for iPhone.

Quick Advice: iBrite

The fun, new iBrite app brings back some childhood nostalgia minus all of the worries of losing those Lite Brite pegs.

QuickAdvice: Search Rocket For iPad & iPhone

Search Rocket is the ultimate search engine tool box to help you find what you want without ever needing to use Safari.

WWDC, The Next iPhone To Likely Be Unveiled June 7 - 11, 2010

The Worldwide Developers Conference is coming in June and so will news of the next iPhone.

Urbanspoon Gets Supersized For The iPad

Popular restaurant guide Urbanspoon makes its debut on the iPad sporting an HD upgrade and those ubiquitous slot machines for helping you find your next meal.

Windows Live Messenger For iPhone On Its Way, Coming In June

The first screen shots for Windows Live Messenger for the iPhone have been released. Say good bye to third party versions of the popular IM client when the official native app arrives this summer.

Multitasking Browser For iPad Lets You Do More While Surfing

Multitasking Browser for iPad offers to improve your web browsing experience by providing access to a secondary web browsing window.