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Lisa Caplan

Lisa Caplan, also known as The Stay at Home GeekMom, has been reviewing iOS apps for artists and art lovers, readers, writers, parents, educators, artists, news-Junkies and casual gamers on her blog, and was happy to have been picked up by the folks at appadvice. She writes reviews, run contests and promotions and writes App Lists and App Guides here and has enjoyed working with the whole team over the last few months. She has a background in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), an Advanced Degree in Creative Writing and Lit, and has had an Apple computer by her side since 1979! Check out her blog: for feature-length reviews, extended app lists and guides, and exclusive contests and giveaways!
Latest from Lisa

New App List: Best Interactive Books For iPad

There are so many amazing interactive book for iPad. They are amongst the most intriguing uses of technology on the App Store, but also some of the more expensive apps. So we take a look at the best and most popular titles for you here to help your spend your book and app allowance wisely.

Win A Slacker Radio Premium Subscription With A Comment Or A Tweet

Slacker Radio has long been the biggest and best online radio and music discovery service. With their new iPad-native app, it's even better yet. Want to win a full year of Slacker Radio Premium level membership for free? Read on to learn about Slacker's newest iOS offering and to find out how to win!

Virtual History - The Last Supper Raises The Bar In Digital Publishing - Win A Copy With A Comment

Virtual History - The Last Supper is changing the face of digital publishing on iOS. And, we have an opportunity for you to win a copy with a comment.

Scrapbook Fans Young And Old: A Chance To Win iTunes Gift Cards With My Scrap Life And Kid's Corner

We've reviewed the scrapbooking app, My Scrap Life and it's cousin for children, Kid's Corner, on before. Now we've teamed up with the developer to bring you a chance to win one of three iTunes gift cards, valued at as much as $50, for putting those apps to use. Read on to find out how you can win!

The App Store's iPad Game Of The Week: Casey’s Contraptions

Casey's Contraptions is the hottest game on the App Store, and it's getting rave reviews across the board. If you like physics puzzlers or Rube Goldberg machines you have to check this one out.

Web-Slinging Meets Rope Cutting in Spider Jack HD

If you are a fan of Cut the Rope style puzzlers, you are going to love Spider Jack. And if you’re not, this action-puzzler may be just the hybrid of genres to change your mind.

Crates Night Shift Now On iPhone. Enter To Win A Copy With A Comment

Crates Night Shift is the new iPhone and iPod touch version of their hit iPad game. It launched recently and has teamed up with the developer to bring you a free copy.

Updated App List: iPad Apps For Artists

The iPad is an incomparable portable device for artists of every level in every medium. But the App Store is replete with so many apps for artists, how do you pick the best? Read on see our top picks...

Scarabeus: Pearls of Nile HD; A Logic Game With A Literal Twist

Scarabeus: Pearl of the Nile HD is the new iPad port of the award winning iPhone game that bears the same name. It is one of the most original and challenging logic-puzzlers I’ve seen on the App Store. But, is there such as thing as too hard? Judge for yourself.

Puzzle Lovers Rejoice: Win Crates Night Shift HD With A Comment

Crates Night Shift HD is responsive, looks good and is certain to hook puzzle addicts, especially those sick of matching or bird-themes. Want to win a copy? Read on and leave a comment!

Zen Brush Art Book: Help Japan Disaster Relief With Art

Check out Zen Brush Art Book, and help Japan with the stroke of a finger!

Updated App List: iPhone Apps For News Junkies

There are lots of ways to keep track of news on your iPhone. Here are some of our favorites.

Sick Of Birds? Burn It All For iOS Is The Hot Burning Game Of The Week

Burn It All - Journey to the Sun, is only a day old in its iOS incarnation, was launched on a best day for new games in months, and is already a hit. For good reason too, find out why.

Hack-N-Slash Meets Tower Defence In Chillingo's Vampire Rush HD

Vampire Rush HD is part a hack ‘n slash dungeon crawler part tower defense game and the combination works. So do the rich bright graphics, the controls and all the little details that went into this killer new game.

BookYap: Good Book Suggestions, But Where’s The Yap?

BookYap is a beautiful universal app whose mission is to help book lovers find books, and find others who love to yap about them. Does it succeeds? It depends what kind of reader you are and what you mean by "Yap."

Kaleidoscopic Seek-N-Find: Play Kalei HD

Chilling's new game, Play Kalei, is a seek-and-find puzzler with a twist. It's all about matching Kaleidoscopic snippets? Confused? It's easier, and more fun, than you think.

Bovine Fun? Holy Cow! Win Catch Freddy Or Tumbling Freddy With A Comment

Meet Freddy the Cow. He’s fallen onto iOS devices in two short-play action titles. They are simple games, but fun, well designed, creative first offerings from developer Daniel Brandt who has teamed up with to give you the chance to try Catch Freddy or Tumbling Freddy m for free.

Get AutoTalent With AutoPainter HD And Win A Copy With A Comment

AutoPainter HD and its iPhone and OS X counterparts add painterly high-quality filters to your images with beauty and style. Enter to win the version of your choosing with a comment.

Burning Birds Is The New Hot Bird Game You've Been Waiting For & We Have Free Copies

Burning Birds and Burning Birds HD are the latest in a list of bird-themes iOS games that is going to take up permanent residences on your iDevice. Original, addictive and you can win one of five copie with a comment or a retweet!

New AppList: iPad Apps For Earth Day

Efforts to secure our planet's future require a knowledge of it, past and present. Only when we understand our wondrous world can we truly engage in the battle to save it. Explore our planet with iPad apps that show off the world in all her glory. A list for every age and interest, literally, on Earth.

New AppList: Green Apps For iPhone

There are lots of ways to be a part of the solution on Earth Day and around the year. Whether you want to learn more, do more, conserve more, or educate your kids, there's a green app for that.

Who's The Fastest Robot Builder In Your Family? Find Out With Robot City

Robot City brings a robot building frenzy to your iPad. The game is polished, educational and geared towards kids from 4-12. But, is it a winner?

LinguPingu Makes learning a Second Language Fun. Win A Copy With A Comment!

The LinguPingu series of preschool foreign language apps are based on solid educational principles. But, they also bring a touch of irreverent humor to make learning fun. Enter to win a free copy!

Tons Of Art App Promo Codes To Win With A Retweet Or Comment

Overdamped Artst's HD series is the gold standard for viewing art on the iPad or iPhone. Now they have teamed up with AppAdvice to giveaway promo codes for art apps of your favorite artists! Enter to win.