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Luke Patrick

Luke was born, like most people, and has been quite busy ever since. He survives on table scraps, coffee, freelancing, and questionable music. Follow him on Twitter (@lukepatrick) for constant retweet-remixes and the occasional complaint.
Latest from Luke

Songineer Makes It Easier Than Ever To Make Music From Your iPhone

It's a miracle of the modern age! Songineer, by Admido, makes it easier than every to make incredibly complex musical creations from your iPhone — no experience needed!

Mixr For The iPad Isn't Quite A Toy, But Not Quite Gig-Ready Either

Mixr lets you get all touchy with your iPod tracks on the iPad, making it simple to create world-class beat matches while on the go.

The Font Game Makes Typography Easy On The iPhone

The Font Game is a (seriously) challenging way to educate yourself about the various typesets and terminologies used in the complex world of typography. Brings Major Label Comics To The iPhone makes it easy to find your favorite comic series on the iPhone, saving you time and a trip to the local comic book shop.

Hero's Way Brings Classic Side-Scrolling RPG Gaming To iOS

Hero's Way brings arcade style side-scrolling RPG action to the iPhone and iPad. It's a tedious affair at times, but with a mountain of items to work through, there's plenty of replay value.

Decide-O-Tron Puts Personalized Game Recommendations In Your Pocket

Decide-o-tron makes it easy and geeky to get personalized gaming recommendations while on the go using nothing but your games library and your iPhone.

SketchyPad Gets Touchy With Mockup Creation On The iPad

SketchyPad makes it easy to express your creative ideas on the iPad with its sleek, touch-based mockup potential.

Ancient Trader HD Is The Perfect iPad Board Game For Catan Fans

Ancient Trader HD is the best (non-cardboard) idea to ever hit the iPad, bringing stellar and traditional board gaming action to the iPhone's big brother.

Soundboard Is A Classic Cart Machine For The iPad

Soundboard makes it easy to create your own touch-based sound systems on the iPad, adding flavor and spice to any live performance or show.

Scribabble Encourages Childhood Education With Scrabble-Based Learning

Scribabble encourages early childhood development using Scrabble, two empty spaces, and an endless number of three-letter combinations.

Get Your Daily Dose Of Zombie Blasting With Paper Zombie

Paper Zombie brings a cutout feel to classic arcade shooting letting players vent their frustrations on hordes of undead with touch-based shooting.

ZFlip Is Yet Another Photo Sharing App For The iPhone

ZFlip is an Instagram clone with a unique direction, offering a truly impressive number of borders and fun designs to decorate your images with.

TBS Comes To The iPad With Full Episodes For Compliant Providers

TBS brings schedules, program information, and full episodes to the iPad, as long as you have the right local provider.

New iDownloader Pro Is A Mobile Safari And Download Manager For The iPhone And iPad

New iDownloader Pro brings desktop style file management and downloads to the iPad and iPhone. It's a locked down package, but its certainly better than Mobile Safari.

Telegraph Pictures Takes You Around The World With Incredible Photographs

Telegraph Pictures takes the best of top-notch journalism and delivers it straight to your iPad, with lots of incredible photography.

MadPad Makes Music Out Of Your Life Using Only Your iPhone

MadPad takes everyday moments and turns them into beats for use in your own, life-based performance pieces. Create incredible mash ups with this new offering by Smule.

Make Incredible Music With SunVox For The iPhone And iPad

SunVox offers an incredibly simple and powerful way to create sequenced music from your iPhone or iPad.

SunrizerXS Puts Analog Synth Functionality In The Hands Of iPhone Users

SunrizerXS is one of the tightest and most functional virtual analog synths to ever hit the App Store, making killer music production on the go a reality.

New iProgress Keeps You Organized And Goal Oriented

The iProgress app will keep you on the straight and narrow with nothing but your iPhone, a head full of goals, and sheer willpower.

Kikin Browser Provides A Simple, Touch Oriented Way To Browse The Internet

Kikin Browser isn't the fastest browser around, but with a gorgeous interface and quick search options, it's hard to beat.

Maze+ Twists And Winds Its Way Into The App Store

Get online and competitive with Maze+'s puzzling action, and earn yourself some clothes, cash, and pride.

Spooky Hoofs Brings Creepy Racing To The iPhone

Slip into the gothic racing fun of Spooky Hoofs for the iPhone and fend off 10 foot arachnids while leaping gaps on a bone-winged horse. It's just another day on the job -- fangs not included.

ScaleViz Is One Massive Guitar Resource For The iPhone

ScaleViz is a massive resource for all things guitar on the iPhone, offering chord charts, lessons on theory, and more scales than you can shake a guitar neck at.

Crimson: Steam Pirates, From Bungie, Swashbuckles On The iPad

Crimson: Steam Pirates is a swashbuckling good time on the seven seas by famed developer Bungie. The app's strategic gameplay is ten fathoms deep, and guaranteed to please.