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Matt Rome

Self proclaimed Apple aficionado, iPhone enthusiast, and App master. If he's not talking your ear off about some iOS related something-or-other, then he's probably busy tinkering on his iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (and it's probably a game),
Latest from Matthew

Three Lessons Apple Could Learn From Motorola’s Moto X

Apple could could take a few cues from Motorola's cool new smartphone and its innovative new features.

How EA Stole The App Store

It was the Christmas that EA stole the App Store. Electronic Arts' COO John Schappert recently spoke out about the company's "record breaking quarter on iOS" during EA's Q3 earnings call. Schappert attributed most of the success to an extraordinarily well-timed holiday sale.

Legendary Wars: A Top Tier Castle Defense Game For iOS

What do you get when you combine the depth of a game like Defender Chronicles: Legend of the Desert King with the wit and charm of Plants vs. Zombies? The answer is Legendary Wars, a fun and content-packed Castle Defense-RPG hybrid by Liv Games.

IntoNow Makes Audio Tagging & Sharing Possible For Television.

Shazam's music tagging app for iPhone is one of those unique apps that has managed to maintain its place on my device since the launch of the App Store. IntoNow promises to do the same thing for television with the capability of tagging 2.6 million past broadcasts through a short sound clip.

Modern Family: Family Sayings Lands On The App Store

The popular ABC Sitcom Modern Family now offers its own iOS experience via the Modern Family: Family Sayings app. Without full episodes to view, this app will be more fun for diehard fans than casual viewers.

AT&T Not Fearing Customer Exodus, 90 Percent Of iPhone Owners Still Under Contract

As D-Day for the Verizon iPhone approaches, many have been speculating that AT&T will experience a massive exodus of iPhone customers looking to move to a new carrier, but the fact is there is at least one major factor preventing a massive shift; contracts.

AT&T Quietly Allowing Some Customers To Return To The Coveted Unlimited Data Plan

In an effort to combat Verizon's $30 unlimited data plan for iPhone 4, AT&T maybe allowing previous unlimited data plan customers the chance to return to unlimited.

Apple's Official App Store Twitter Account Hits 50,000 Followers Just A Few Hours After Launch

Apple's official App Store Twitter account launched early this afternoon to see followers come in torrents. Within only a few hours of launch, @AppStore has already landed over 50,000 followers and counting. Check out the rest of the story for more details!

Rumored 2,048 X 1,536 iPad 2 Display Actually Intended For iPad 3?

The screen resolution debates for the next-gen iPad are still burning as strongly as ever. In fact, one source is already making a claim about the 3rd generation iPad. Continue reading to check it out.

Google Introduces Mobile Printing For Gmail From iOS Devices

Google is rolling out Google Cloud Print for Gmail on iOS and other mobile devices. This makes printing possible from your iPhone without the compatibility hassles of AirPrint or third-party apps. Unfortunately, restrictions apply. Click through to learn more.

GNC’s New App Can Help You Find & Manage Your Nutritional Supplements

GNC's new Livewell app puts together some useful features for those trying to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, including a build-in GNC Gold Card and supplement scheduler.

Jailbreak Only: New Cydia Update Makes Jailbreaking Less Of A Hassle

One of the biggest hassles of Jailbreaking an iOS device is the management and reinstallation of unauthorized apps. Cydia's lastest update makes this issue significantly more stress free. Finally!

Rovio Working On A Valentine's-Themed Angry Birds Edition

It looks like Rovio's Angry Bird's cash cow is gearing up for another holiday update. If you can't get enough of these angry little birds, keep reading to find out more.

Capcom Calls Smartphones A Potential Universal Platform & Invests In Gaming

Capcom acknowledges the importance of smartphones and sees them as the future of mobile gaming. The company reveals plans to invest in a number of mobile titles for both casual and hardcore gamers in a recent interview.

The New iOKi® Karaoke App Sets A New Standard For Mobile Karaoke

Karaoke seems like an obvious move on a device that sports a built-in microphone and is supposed to be all about the music industry. That said, it can be quite a challenge to find a quality Karaoke app for iOS that meets all of your Karaoke needs. Well, that's exactly what iOKi® Karaoke is setting out to do.

Build More Bridges As Tiki Towers 2 Arrives In The App Store

Remember the days before Angry Birds dominated the iTunes charts? Then you might just remember the bridge-building, physics puzzler, Tiki Towers. Well now it's back with a sequel for some brand new monkey-swinging, banana grabbing fun.

iPad 2 Camera, Facetime, And Official PhotoBooth Apps Confirmed In iOS 4.3 Beta

It looks like the iPad is getting the full suite of Apple's iOS photo apps, including the addition of PhotoBooth for the first time on iOS.

New Leaked iPad 2 Cases Hint At Two New Ports

Two new next-gen iPad cases have reporters speculating over mystery ports.

Angry Birds Go LEGO

Angry Birds can't seem to stay out of the news recently, so here's one more tidbit to keep the excitement building... with LEGO Blocks that is.

Hugh Tweets Uncensored Playboy Coming To iPad Very Soon

Is Apple easing up on their stand against adult content on iOS devices? According to Hugh Hefner, they are.

Gameloft Unveils A New Trailer For Zelda-Like iOS Game

Last week, Gameloft, the mobile gaming company that's made its name by developing iOS imitations of some of the most popular console-based titles on the market, published a short teaser on their youtube channel for a mysterious new game.

Apple Announces Record-Setting First Quarter iDevice Sales & Revenue Results

Apple boasts quarter one fiscal results as the best in the company's history, largely thanks to the introduction of the iPad and iPhone 4.