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Latest from Matt

Review: Snowglobe Maker Beach Edition

Make it rain!!! ...(or snow) from the comfort of your iPhone with Snowglobe Maker: Beach Edition!

Review: Killer Edge

Rev up your engines! 3....2....1....Killer Edge, GO!

Review: Castle Conflict

If you have ever wanted to play king, sending out soldiers to do your bidding, then Castle Conflict may be for you!

Review: iPoop

Have you ever wondered what your poop means? Ever wonder why your poop looks the way it does? Or perhaps that it's trying to tell you something? Well, guess what - it is, and you can find the answer to all these questions with iPoop.

Review: iDroids

Megaman better watch his back. HAXX to the rescue in iDroids!

Review: SlideRules

Move over Sudoku, here comes SlideRules!

Review: World Cup Air Hockey

Tired of spending all of your hard earned allowance on air hockey tables at the arcade? If so, check out World Cup Air Hockey!

Review: Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D

Stack your worries away and play Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D!!!

Review: X-Fire

It's some time in the future. The ultimate challenge! Crossfire! The early 90's board game has finally arrived for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Review: Crayon Physics Deluxe

If you love finger painting, but not the mess, then Crayon Physics Deluxe is for you!

Review: WordFu

Do you like words?? Do you use them in your daily life?? Would you like to play a game using letters to create words?? Then WordFu is definitely your game! Click here to read more!