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Michelle Nguyen

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Review: Ragdoll Blaster

Do you like solving puzzles? Shooting stuff from cannons? Stick figures? Physics? Then Ragdoll Blaster may just be the game for you. In this review, we'll take a look at Backflip Studio's Ragdoll Blaster, a seemingly simple but addictive game that blends puzzles, stick figures and physics.

Michelle Nguyen

Review: Brick Breaker Revolution

If you are a former Blackberry user who switched over to an iPhone but find yourself missing your Brick Breaker game, Digital Chocolate has developed Brick Breaker Revolution for the iPhone. We're here to take a look at this game and find out how does the touch interface and gameplay stack up to other forms of Brick Breaker.

Michelle Nguyen

Review: Hide a Caller

For most, the iPhone's prominent caller ID function can be handy. But If you have ever wanted (or needed) to hide the true identity of your incoming calls, Hide A Caller Pro is an app that promises to do just that. In this review, we'll take a look at Hide A Caller Pro and evaluate how well it does its job.

Review: Stick It

Do you use sticky notes as handy reminders or to help organize your thoughts? Stick It is an app that brings the handiness of sticky notes to your iPhone. But is this not so sticky relative of the Post It worth the two bucks? Read on to find out.