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Nick Rust

Gamer. Nerd. Literati.
Latest from Nick

Fabled Lands Is A Distillation Of RPG Nostalgia

Fabled Lands is an iOS adaptation of the game-book series of the same name. It is an often brutally honest rendition of the series, and the overall experience feels just like the original.

Tower Assault Curse Of Zombie Island: More Fun Than A Cannon Full Of Brains

Tower Assault Curse of Zombie Island turns the conventional tower defense genre on it's ear, and allows you to play as a horde of rampaging zombie fiends. The gameplay follows a simple premise effectively, even if it's at the expense of depth.

Paranormal Activity Sanctuary Augmenting Reality With Ghosts

Paranormal Activity Sanctuary is a unique augmented reality game experience. In addition to the normal AR features of map based play, the game also incorporates input from the camera, and actually has the player draw to boost powers in the game.

The Battle Of Gundabad - iPhone's First Deck Building Game

Battle of Gundabad is a clone of the game Dominion. Those unfamiliar with Dominion will find this title utterly incomprehensible.

QuickAdvice: Flying Hamster HD Side-Scrolling Shooter Fun

Flying Hamster HD is an amusing side-scrolling shooter that is well designed and fun to play. Gameplay mimics classic arcade shooters, establishing a sense of humorous nostalgia.

QuickAdvice: Crayate Turns Your iPad Into a Coloring Book

Crayate is an app that quickly turns an iPad into a coloring book. The design is simple, fun, and kids will love it.