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Ramy Khuffash

Latest from Ramy

Learn How To Turn Paper Into Art With Origami Fun For iPhone

This app teaches you how to turn an ordinary piece of paper into a magical swan, floating boat, and more.

Make Sure All Of The Colored Squares Find Their Matches In Flow Colors For iOS

The colored squares don't like being alone. Earn medals by making sure they're connected with other squares of the same color.

Find As Many Words As Possible In Tap Words For iPhone

How many words can you find before your time runs out?

Solve The Puzzles Before Your Friends Do In Sudoku Brawl For iPhone

This app turns what's usually a relaxing puzzle game into something fast-paced and exciting.

Embark On An Epic Journey In Prince Of Persia The Shadow And The Flame For iOS

Continue your journey with the Prince as he runs, jumps, and fights his way through 14 beautifully designed levels.

Use Zombies To Create The Tallest Hill Ever In Zombie Hills For iPhone

This game challenges you to build the tallest possible hill with nothing but the bodies of the zombies you destroy.

Save The Day By Destroying Your Enemy's Aircraft In Shoot The Fokkers

Use your powerful anti-aircraft gun to make sure your enemies don't get away.

Send The Roman Flying As Far As You Can In Asterix: MegaSlap For iOS

If you can slap the invading Romans hard enough, you'll win a kiss from the beautiful Panacea.

Find Out Whether Marsh Is Innocent Or Guilty In Freedom Fall For iOS

Marsh is stuck in a tower that's full of dangerous traps. Uncover the story of his past as you help him escape.

Unite Against Intergalactic Invaders In Rivals At War: 2084 For iOS

Forces from around the universe are fighting for power and your job is to figure out how you can defeat them all.

Drive As Fast As You Can Without Crashing In Dolmus Driver HD For iPad

Drive though Turkey in your dolmus without crashing or getting stopped by the police. The faster you go, the more money you can earn.

Save The Universe Before Making A Narrow Escape In FreeFall Horizon

You have to escape the shockwaves from an explosion by flying though narrow space ducts. Will you make it out alive?

Solve Puzzles The Medieval Way In Max Rush For iOS

An endless amount of evil monsters keep trying to attack Max. Help him fight them off for as long as possible.

Use Your Cannon To Destroy The Enemy Castles In Cannon Crasha For iOS

Evil people are building castles everywhere and you've been hired to stop them. Are you the right person for the job?

Isometric For iOS Lets You Create Geometric Works Of Art

Who knew that such a wide range of impressive optical illusions and patterns could be created with one shape?

Solve The Mystery Of The Magic Tower In Dungeons Of Legends

If you have the patience and skills required to make it through the magic tower, you'll get into the magic school of your dreams.

Solve The Puzzle And Get The Potion Back In Laser Chambers For iPad

Professor Mattalino's powerful potion has been stolen by Dr Tuso. Help him break into the vault and get it back.

VirtualDrumming Is The Most Realistic Drum App Available

This app lets you take your drum kit with you, without the need to carry boxes full of heavy equipment.

Bocce Ball Lets You Enjoy The Ancient Sport Of Bocce While On The Go

If you've never played bocce before, now's your chance to get started.

Lead The Most Powerful Pixelated Armies Ever In BitBattle

Losing focus for even a few seconds could mean you get defeated in this retro-themed battle.

Record And Share Your Thoughts With DictaNote For iPhone

DictaNote lets you record, save, and share your ideas, so you never forget another thought.

Resume Designer For iPhone Will Help You Get Your Next Job

This app will help you keep your resume updated and organized so you're always ready to act when you find new opportunities.

Nearly For iPhone Uses Your Location To Help You Complete Your Tasks

Most tasks are based around locations, so your task management app should be too.

Cosmic Clean-Up Challenges You To Take On The Biggest Cleaning Job Ever

Space is full of floating junk. Until now, no one has dared to take on the challenge of cleaning it up. Are you up to the task?