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Robb Romero

I straighten the McSweeney's at Prairie Lights and dislike sleeping.
Latest from Robb

Review: Strongholds: New Age

Stongholds: New Age follows up on an earlier iPhone card-battling game that was well-received, but how does the game fare on the iPad? Read on to find out.

Review: Across Age HD

Travel through time to explore some dungeons, and woods, and grow levels in what-could-be your next RPG grind.

Review: Ra (Designed by Reiner Knizia) - Up For Bids

Ra is the second game of Reiner Knizia's auction game trilogy developed by Codito Development in which players strategically bid to influence 1,500 years worth of time. Click through to find out all about it.

Review: Reactable Mobile - Change The Way You Interact with Music?

After the down payment, the 'portable' Reactable Live! setup will wind up costing you over $13,000. Reactable Mobile is the next-generation of Reactables, and as an iOS app, it's more mobile and inexpensive than ever.

Review: Morphwiz - Half Instrument, Half App

Half-instrument, half-app, and half-imagination, there's wholly more than enough content in Jordan Rudess's mindfully innovative Morphwiz app to make music even with only half a brain.

Review: Medici HD By Reiner Knizia - Get The Goods, Get The Gold!

Medici is a board game, "Euro game" where you take turns drawing and bidding on lots of goods. Read on to find out all about this iPad game.

Review: Great Adventures - Where's That S?

Can you collect the evidence, solve the mystery, and save your dad? Of course, but will it be fun all on your iPad?

Review: Small World for iPad - Miniature Madness!

Board-game enthusiasts will want to check out Small World for iPad, but how does the iPad app compare to the packed-with-pieces tabletop game?